Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities. I have spent the last few days visiting relatives, eating a lot of rubbish and sleeping in. I have also started re-reading Twilight (for the third time). I have read quite a number of books in between but nothing comes close. It feels like something is missing if I’m not reading about Edward and Bella; I’m a hopeless romantic!

Santa brought me some lovely new makeup, which I will share with you soon. I also have to record my Chicago Sephora Haul Video and maybe a few makeup and hair tutorials for New Years Eve (I’m bringing out the glitter…be warned!)

I hope everyone is well fed! :)

Amy x

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  • Sarah

    Hey Amy, you should check out the TrueBlood books by Charlaine Harris, I actually prefer them to the Twilight books, and I loved the Twilight books, the movies just kinda ruined them for me. lol. Check ’em out they are good.

    • Amy

      Thanks Sarah :) I bought the first one a few months ago but was hesitant about reading it, I’ll give it a try :)

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