Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy Paddy’s Day!

A big thank you to St Patrick for the Bank Holiday. I am sitting on the couch in my jammies, eating delicious things and watching some youtube make-up videos.

I may muster up some energy to pop upstairs and record a video. Also  planning to make some crumpets (hats off to Rachel Allen)… Mmm.

Those of you heading into the parade or heading into town for some general boozing, enjoy!

What are you doing today?

Amy x

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  • Emma

    Total agreement with you amy – thank you very much st patrick – giving us two fridays in one week!!!…back to work 2mrw but so much easier knowing its friday!!woohhoo!!

  • robyn

    so when y’all have a bank holiday do you not have to go into work? i’m assuming thats what it means. i think i either forgot or don’t know if you are still teaching. in my head your life is fantastically at home blogging, reviewing and doing various other projects and such.

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