Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I’m afraid I’m not being a true patriot today. I had great plans for Paddy’s Day but after 2 days in a children’s hospital I needed to sleep! (little sister was having surgery)

I watched a bit of the parade on RTE but got bored after 10 minutes. This day is really all about drinking here and I just haven’t the drinking stamina anymore. I can hear my fellow Irish inhabitants tut tutting at this very  moment!

My make-up today shall feature no green. I’m not one for the cliché. Everyone in this country will be green today so I’m thinking pink. (I’m green enough on the inside anyway)

It’s also Seachtain na Gaeilge this week. For those of you from across the waters Gaeilge is our native language. With that in mind I will be posting a ‘Favourite Products’ post as Gaeilge this afternoon!

Have a great day everyone, green or otherwise. Bain taitneamh as an lá!

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  • Fiona

    haha I go to school with eimear! Still cant believe she broke her ankle at a roller disco :D! Happy st patricks day!

  • filipa

    oh:( i thought you meant a video. please please do post a video. It would be an awsome learning experience.
    filipa from portugal

    • Amy

      @filipa might give a video a try :)

  • innerbelle

    Hey, hope ur sister gets well, shes a lil star :) miss her in ur vids :)

    • Amy

      @innerbelle You’re so sweet! :)

  • Susan

    I think seachtaine na gaeilge was last week.

    • Amy

      @Susan No it was for 10 days Schools just chose which week suited them

  • Cassie

    Amy i’m the same today, lying in bed with a cup of tea and i don’t have any intentions of going anywhere either! Love the idea of the video in irish, i just hope we have the same irish. Is there a difference between donegal and dublin irish? x

    • Amy

      @Cassie There is a bit of a difference all right :)

  • Bridget M. Oritz

    I hope your sister feels better soon!! I will put her in my prayers. As for St. Paddy’s Day….I live in Texas and I am half Irish and half Mexican, we celebrate this holiday with a vengence!! Besides, I decided long ago that being half Irish and half Mexican meant I was born to drink and lie!! lol

    • Amy

      @Bridget M. Oritz Haha So true!

  • Críonna

    Hope your sisters keeping well Amy. Love the idea of posting as gaeilge. Maith thú. Síul go mór leis! :) Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona dhuit x

    • Amy

      @Críonna Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona dhuit fresin! x

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