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Harajuku Lovers G – the most fun perfume on the planet?

I mentioned in my Spring favourites video that I have been covering myself in Harajuku Lovers G edt. When I was tidying up after recording the video I couldn’t help but notice that this bottle stands out a mile from every other perfume in my collection. Yes I am talking about the tacky packaging but also the scent itself.

I am usually attracted to sheer light perfumes, Stella is my absolute favourite. When I wear it I feel like Amy, if you know what I mean. When I wear stronger more opulent scents like Thierry Mugler Alien or Dior Addict I don’t feel like  myslef. So this little perfume is a weird one for me.

I don’t like the bottle at all but I have to say it suits the scent perfectly. It’s fun and frivolous. It contains notes of mandarin, coconut, apple skin, freesia, magnolia, and coconut cream. In other words it’s tropical heaven. The downside for me is that doesn’t last very long on my skin, two hours max. I have a little bottle though so I throw it in my handbag, minus the giant lid, and reapply to my hearts content. I don’t know if I’d wear it for work, for me it’s more of a weekend let your hair down kind of a scent. It will be perfect for the Summer.

There is a Summer update of this scent out now, Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties G. It contains lighter notes which include coconut water, mandarin, white peach, orange flower, vanilla, creamy sandalwood, and mandarin. It smells a little heavier than the original but makes me want to start buying sun cream and packing for a holiday. I might treat myself to this one in the airport.

I got my mini bottle for €10 in Boots. They also sell the larger bottles but I had to be sure I wasn’t going to get bored of it.

What is your favourite scent at the moment?

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