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Mismatched Foundation – Hate it when that happens

I packed Chanel Pro Lumiere for my trip to Chicago. When I got there, the low humidity and -20 degree temperatures meant that my delicate Irish skin needed about three layers of moisturiser to look human. Unfortunately Pro-Lumiere did not adapt well to these extra layers.

I decided to buy something cheap and cheerful in Target to get me through the rest of the trip. I settled on Revlon Photoready, which I love.

It only cost me $9 in the Target which is about €6.50! Holy moly it’s expensive here in Ireland, three times the price.

That being said we have a major benefit that here in Europe that they don’t have in the US. We have testers. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to choose an appropriate shade without testers. At least in the US when someone buys the wrong shade, opens and tests it they can still return it – that isn’t acceptable here. Boo hoo!

Anways, I settled on shade 004 Nude which seemed to have a yellow base rather than a pink. When I got back to my hotel room and tested the foundation it about two shades too light. I had to get the metro to the nearest Target so I wasn’t about to head back over $9.

All of this made me realise that I really miss having Photoready in  my collection. I’m going to Boots tomorrow to test the shades they have and settle on one that suits my skin right now. The Natural Beige shade I wore in the Autumn is now far too dark. Maybe Nude will suit me in a month or two when my skin lightens a little more.

Do you like Photoready? What foundation are you using now?

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  • dalal

    try the loreal true match , it’s matt but in a good way for me its the best drug store foundation but here it costs about $22 (ut i live in the middle east where its soooo expensive )

  • Coleen

    This EXACT thing happened to me, except I bought two bottles of the wrong shade in the States and didn’t realize they were too dark until I got back here. :( Boo…I know, I really missed having testers!

  • Lyndsey

    I love the Photoready foundation, however, I use the Colourstay during the spring/summer (obviously, a very light application) as that’s when I get a little more oily/combination. My photoready does me proud all through autumn/winter and makes me look good in my Christmas and New Years pictures!

  • Jo

    Amy, you’re lucky that you can find foundations your colour…foundations are always too dark on me. I went to MAC for studio fix fluid, they colour matched me as NC25…got home…it’s WAAAAAY too dark (and we can’t return it). I’m on Colorstay in 150 Buff at the moment and it’s absolutely PERFECT with MAC Prep and Prime underneath. I just put it on with my fingers and it needs nothing else!!
    Loving getting 3 posts a day Amy!


  • Cathy

    well, it wasnt me who had originally thought of the idea so i cant really take the credit there but at least i passed on the word, and hopefully it works out for you! as soon as i get the spare cash, its off to Boots with me to try myself! x

  • Ciara

    hi amy,was thinking about buying this or the colourstay foundation,which would be better?im 15 so my skin can be a bit crazy sometimes,not really oily though.thanks :) x

    • Amy

      They’re very different and it kind of depends on the look your going for. Colourstay has more coverage, photoready is sheerer/creamier. Photoready is easier to apply but colourst lasts all day. If you have normal to dry skin maybe go for photoready -still has good coverage bit bit more natural (if you don’t mind the glow) If you have any oil I would stick to colourstay as glowy and oily are not often a great mix. Try both out in boots and see which one you like the feel of x

      • Ally E.

        i have combo skin and photoready was soo soo drying on my dry bits. it made me look 10 years older. i got rid of it immediately.

  • Niamh

    Amy I am also gna try the photo-ready using studio sculpt at the mo and it so shiny! Also just wanted to let you know that I think its deadly how you always are so natural in your tutorials and reply to comments etc…

    I did a really good make up course in LA Make-up so I quite into the you tube guru scene and I am living in Toronto now and I look forward to hearing you accent although it make me miss home…

    Much love
    N X

  • robyn

    I’ve been using photo ready in my foundation rotation…love it!

  • Cathy

    Hey Amy.
    I am currently using Revlon Photoready Foundation and I really like it. Im still in college and am not studying anything remotely close to beauty/makeup artistry so i dont have a clue whether the shade im using actually suits me but im sure thats a big problem for everyone. Ive heard that the perfect foundation (if there is such a thing) would be a mixture of Revlon Photoready and Revlon Colourstay. Would you agree? I havent tried Colourstay yet (im a bit of a makeup novice) but if I hear a few good comments about it I might invest and use the two together to see if it works for me. What do you think?

    • Amy

      I say go for it Cathy. Last summer I mixed revlon colourstay with a tinted moisturiser and it was foundation heaven. I might try your idea myself and see how they blend, hmm… thanks for the idea :)

  • ShellBell

    Love this foundation! Gives you suck a glow!!

    • Amy

      Love the glow!

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