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Having Trouble Choosing a Blush to Suit your Skin Tone?

I have received quite a few questions about choosing blush. Wear whatever shade you like once it accentuates your features. Make sure it doesn’t make you look tired or older. And for the love of all that is holy do don’t match it to your outfit.

They always say choose a shade that you would naturally blush. I think that’s so 80’s and I disagree. Often people don’t flush a pretty shade. Personally when I blush I look pink and blotchy, not a look I want to recreate with a blusher. For those of you who need more help choosing a blush, here are some guidelines. These are not rules, I don’t believe in make-up rules, they are just a helping hand to those who don’t know where to start. The reference to hair is just there to help you narrow down skin tone, so it’s your natural hair colour I’m talking about.

  • Dark hair, olive skin: Warm brown shade
  • Black hair, dark skin: Terracota shade
  • Dark hair, warm skin: Rosey Brown shade
  • Dark hair, cool skin: Cool toned rose shade
  • Red Hair, warm skin: Warm peach shade
  • Red hair, cool skin: Soft peach shade
  • Blonde hair, cool skin: Baby pink shade
  • Blonde hair, warm skin: Tawny pink shade

Confused between cool and warm toned? Join the queue. Cool toned skins often have pink/red undertones, whilst warm tones have golden undertones. Some people are quite neutral and can pull off most shades of blush.

Maybe a post on determining your undertone would help?

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    I love makeup, and the information and tutorial is a blessing to stumple upon. Cheers

  • Steelnpurple

    Great post! I found that a soft peach blush looks great on my skin, and it fits well with your list! <3
    I don't have red hair per se, but it's got red pigments in it if that makes sense.. my hairdresser calls it "champagne" lol! And my skin is neutral but on the cool side I would say.

    • Amy

      @Steelnpurple You lucky lucky girl! Champagne hair and neutral skin? I’m so jealous haha x

  • ciara

    Amy/anyone have you ever tried Smashbox O-glow blush? Its the one that reacts to your skin and develops to a colour to suit you.

    Going through the airport so wondering whether to try it.

    • Amy

      @Ciara I bought it last year, not overly impressed. The pink it goes on my skin isn’t that flattering on me. It also doesn’t last on me at all, maybe 2 hours and it’s gone. I have heard some people on YT love it and some hate it. i think it’s expensive for what it is and Maybelline mousse blush in dolly pink has the same effect. Try it on your cheeks in the airpost over foundation and see how it looks. Don’t test on your hand as it looks v different on the face (my mistake) x

  • innerbelle

    Great post, i love how you make them, short, easy to understand and very informative at the same time.

    Thank you x

  • Bec

    Yes, please post about finding your undertones. I’ve watched other YT videos about it but I still can’t tell.

  • Sara

    Hi Amy,

    Can I just start by saying I LOVE your blog and Youtube videos! Watching your videos and experimenting with my own makeup is a perfect and fun way to relax. A post on determining your undertone would be brilliant if you do decide to do it!

  • Ellie

    Thanks for your help, Amy, I was a little bit lost in the blush department, now I know which way to go! :D
    I’m not sure about my undertone, so I’d really appreciate it if you could do a post on that :D

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