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Having Trouble Choosing a Blush to Suit your Skin Tone?

I have received quite a few questions about choosing blush. Wear whatever shade you like once it accentuates your features. Make sure it doesn’t make you look tired or older. And for the love of all that is holy do don’t match it to your outfit.

They always say choose a shade that you would naturally blush. I think that’s so 80’s and I disagree. Often people don’t flush a pretty shade. Personally when I blush I look pink and blotchy, not a look I want to recreate with a blusher. For those of you who need more help choosing a blush, here are some guidelines. These are not rules, I don’t believe in make-up rules, they are just a helping hand to those who don’t know where to start. The reference to hair is just there to help you narrow down skin tone, so it’s your natural hair colour I’m talking about.

  • Dark hair, olive skin: Warm brown shade
  • Black hair, dark skin: Terracota shade
  • Dark hair, warm skin: Rosey Brown shade
  • Dark hair, cool skin: Cool toned rose shade
  • Red Hair, warm skin: Warm peach shade
  • Red hair, cool skin: Soft peach shade
  • Blonde hair, cool skin: Baby pink shade
  • Blonde hair, warm skin: Tawny pink shade

Confused between cool and warm toned? Join the queue. Cool toned skins often have pink/red undertones, whilst warm tones have golden undertones. Some people are quite neutral and can pull off most shades of blush.

Maybe a post on determining your undertone would help?

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