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He-Shi Tanning Set – Holy Moly!!

heshi4   I’m new to He-Shi tan. I can’t believe there’s a tan on the market that I haven’t tried, I’m so glad this arrived at my door for testing. I’ve definitely been missing out.

The set includes:

  • Express Liquid Tan (150ml)
  • Exfoliating Body Wash (150ml)
  • Tanning Mit
  • Wash Bag

The tan

I was surprised when I poured this out onto the mit – it’s watery in texture. I thought it would be hard to work with but it wasn’t. Admittedly I did have to work fast to work the product in since it dries fairly quickly. I used circular motions to apply the tan on my face and upper torso. It applies colour right away but then develops into a deeper tan later. During application it didn’t streak or stick anywhere which is important.


I’m quite particular when it comes to tan smells and this one didn’t bother me at all – I have been known to be awoken from my slumber from the smell of my St Tropez :) It developed into a deep tan, deep rather than dark. The tone of it is different to anything I have tried so far. If I had to think of a close comparison it would be Xen Tan but to be honest this one is better. There was no stickiness, tackiness at all.

I LOVE the colour of this tan. I may be converted from St Tropez mousse. I never thought I would say that.

The exfoliator

Smells like strawberries and it works. ‘Nuff said.


The bag


It fits both products and lots more. It’s a great size for travel. I left it beside my bed and filled it with all my daily and nightly skincare products.

This tanning set is limited edition and launches in April. It costs £25.50 whilst the contents are worth £49.50. I shall be picking up another for when this one runs out. As it stands the whole family has been using this one.

Favourite tan?


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