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Homemade Accessories Holder

Over the last few months I have been looking everywhere for a storage /display solution for my accessories. I looked online and in many shops but alas, it was not to be. My accessories were doomed to a life of misery in a miserable looking basket. Boo hoo for them!

The problem was threefold; 1. I couldn’t find anything,2. My necklaces and bracelets got tangled and 3. Many of the accessories got damaged in the mess. Enter an ingenious idea (which was of course, not my own), and that idea was to ….make it myself!




How it was made

  • I had an old mirror lying around so I carefully removed the glass and I was left with the frame and backboard.
  • The pegboard part was created using the original frame backing. First I marked out 1 x 1 inches holes until the full board was covered
  • Carefully drilled a hole at each intersecting point
  • When all the holes where done (oh it took so long) I painted the board pink to match my make-up room
  • The original frame was brown so i gave it a rough coating of white stray paint to give that aged effect
  • I ordered the 15 Pegboard display holders from equipashop for only 0.57 cent each

So now I have excellent storage for my accessories and they are also on display. And the most incredible part of all is that I, clumsy Amy, am still alive and in one piece after a day of DIY!

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