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How fun! Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum

I just had to do a post on Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum. How fun is this!

Like all of Lush’s products, this one is eco friendly – there are no preservatives or packaging used. I’m all on for that.

Like most solid similar products the bar begins to melt upon contact with skin. Holding the bar between my hands does the trick for me. I then pop it back in the tin and massage my hands together.

The bar contains cocoa and shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil and marigold petals. It also contains talc which is added to prevent hands feeling too oily, nothing worse than greasy hands. One of the best things about this gem is that there are no synthetic ingredients.

I obviously adore the shape but it also smells quite pretty too – soft vanilla and gentle florals maybe?

The bar costs €4.94 which I think is a steal considering all of the high quality ingredients you are getting. It will also last ages if you store it in one of the Lush tins (€3.90) or some Tupperware.

Loves it :)

What products do you rely on for your hands?

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