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How to Conceal Rosacea

Rosacea plagues so many women. It causes redness and swelling, usually on the face. It can be difficult to mask but here are some tips for concealing the affected area.

  • Choose a yellow based concealer. Apply it to the red area only.
  • Use your fingers to blend the outer part of the concealer into your normal skin (then skin without Rosacea)
  • It’s important not to over-blend or rub in as you could wipe off the product.
  • Use a stippling brush to apply foundation over the area so it blends with the rest of your face. Avoid using fingers or foundations brushes as you could move the concealer.
  • Roll a light finishing powder over your skin with a powder puff.

Not that the tools you use to conceal redness are so important.

I have been asked about hoe to conceal redness quite a bit so I hope this helps.

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  • Rozex Gel information

    It is in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I?m satisfied that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pearlie Dash

    I’ve saved this because I found it notable. I would be very interested to hear more news on this. Excellent!

  • Brittany

    If I may suggest another great way to cover redness or rosacea without irritating the skin even more is powder mineral foundation. I’ve found this really helps cover it without looking like a mask, and also it even calms down the swelling and irritation, so that’s a bonus!
    I think it’s very sweet of you to dedicate posts to helping women with certain skin conditions. You seem like a very sweet and caring person. =)

    • Amy

      Ah thank you Brittany. I will update the post with your suggestion :) x

      • Larissa

        I recommend using concealer after applying your foundation to the red parts only. Once you have your foundation on, you can see where and how much concealer you need. Also, you don’t end up rubbing it off when you put your foundation on.

  • Gena

    Thanks! My skin is pretty normal, its my mom that has the rosacea and i’ve been trying to find the solution for her. Your a lot of help!

  • ciara

    THanks for this :)
    Can you recommend some good yellow based concealers?
    And i would love a post/video on shaping/grooming eyebrows thanks

  • Gena

    I was at Walgreens the other day and saw a green face primer. I think it might have been Revlon, but I’m not sure. They also had a pinkish orange one and a beige one.
    Do you think a green primer would be helpful with rosacea?

    • Amy

      Gena, to be honest I try and stay away from green products when applying make-up to clients. When you apply green you then need to counteract the green with another concealer and bring the skin back to ordinary skin colour. From speaking to many ladies with rosacea, many of them have tried green and found that even after applying skin coloured concealer over the top they still look a little like the Incredible hulk. In my opinion green is a little too much work. Give ordinary concealer a try and apply some bronzer to the outskirts of the face to detract from any redness. If that fails then give the green a go x

  • Mayo

    Another thing to consider is the kind of makeup you use. What you put on your skin can eight help or cause problems, depending on what’s in it,
    so it’s important to look at the ingredients in ALL the products you use on your face, body and hair.

    Research is showing a buildup of chemicals on the skin can cause acne, dryness (which leads to prematurely aging skin and makes acne worse) and skin cancer. Skin with rosacea reacts even more to these toxins.

    With so many manufacturers using chemicals in their products, almost any product – cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, sunscreens, etc. – can be causing breakouts on your face and body, or drying out your skin.

    The ones advertised to clear acne can contain the most chemicals. Look up the ingredients in the products you use and see what they do. I think you’ll be shocked.

    For example, here’s are the ingredients in a Clearasil product and what they can do to skin

    To find chemical-free products, read labels and research ingredients – or start with certified organic products which don’t contain harmful chemicals.


  • Inner belle

    have to totally agree with u, a common mistake i c over and over is people applying concealer and then rubbin it straight off in an attempt to blend…wax on, wax off ring any bells lol

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