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4 Ways to Get your Nails back into Condition after Gels /Acrylics

This morning on Twitter I was asked had I any tips to share on strengthening your nails after Gel nail removal. Instead of replying via tweet I thought I would write up a little blog post since I have some experience with crumbling post gel nails.

The first time I had acrylic nails removed My nails looked great for a few days but then crumbled to nothingness over a few weeks. I was not prepared for this and hadn’t taken any extra care of my nails.

The second time around I went for gel overlays and after removal I put a plan into actions. I managed to keep my nails from peeling and crumbling. In fact my nails grew strong and long, which I couldn’t believe. Here is what I  used:

1. Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nails

Vaseline hand nail cream

This has been a favourite of mine for at least a decade, I used to keep a tube in my school bag! After my gel nails were been removed I rubbed some of this lotion into my cuticles and left a layer on my nail to absorb twice a day. This might seem like a nuisance but I found it easier to do at times where my hands were still – watching tv in the evening, reading my book before bed etc. I kept this up for 3 weeks.

2. Nail Hardener

sally hansen hard as nails natural

I used a few coats of nail hardener to prevent help prevent chipping and peeling. The one I used was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails but to be honest I would use any brand. After a few days I would remove the hardener, do a little nail treatment (see below) and the reapply. My nails were never without hardener for the 3 weeks, with the exception of treatment time.

3. Olive Oil Treatment:


olive oil

As mentioned, twice a week I removed the nail hardener and used treated my nails to a warm olive oil bath. I used the olive oil from my kitchen counter. Pour a little oil into a small bowl and warm for a few second in the microwave. Treat one hand at a time, pop all of your finger tips into the oil and soak for 10 minutes. You could also add a little Vitamin E capsule into the olive oil for extra strengthening power.

4. Nail Supplements:

perfectil skin hair nails supplement

I also took a nail supplement daily for a month or so. I started using a Holland & Barrett supplement but then switched to Perfectil Skin, Hair & Nails. They contain Omega-3 and Co-Q10 which apparently strengthen your nails from the inside. I have also heard many people recommend prenatal supplements. If you eat a balanced diet you could just add an Omega 3 supplement and add Flax seeds to your diet.

What was your experience will overlays?

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  • kim

    Why does my cuticals itch after I put acrilic on my nails. Has aclilic have ioden in

  • kim

    Why does my cuticals itch after I put acrilic on my nails. From kim

  • jacinta

    i have taken off gel nails .the skin around my fingers are peeling and bleeding.any cure.thanks jacinta

  • LittleMiss

    I wanted to love Perfectil so much. However, I find the amount of Iodine in it caused a definite and immediate breakout on my normally clear face. :( I also noticed Omega 3 fish oil caused horrible, painful cysts on my back. I have tried these products again and again because like I said I wanted to love them, and every time the exact same thing occurs. I take Berocca Boost instead every day as it does not contain Iodine. Anyone else notice this?

  • Elle

    I have never had overlays, but have always wanted them; the potential damage has always put me off. I swear by Orly’s Cuticle Complex and a good multi-vitamin to keep my nails healthy and strong. Am definitely going to try the olive oil treatment after I have taken my nail polish off :-)

  • Scarlet

    Hi Amy, just wondering if you reccomend getting gel nails? I have been thinking of getting them done recently just for something different. I have to confess that my nails are not my pride and glory, they’re very short and not in great condition so I am not too concerned with losing quality after which I would say would concern people with longer nails.

    • Amy

      Scarlet I’m going to write a little blog post in response to your question too – It occured to me that I never shared my experience with gel/acrylic nails on my blog before :) Will get started now, will be up by lunch time

      • Scarlet

        Thanks a million Amy – couldn’t have asked for more of a response! I think I’ll give them a go, just to satisfy my curiosity if nothing else!

  • JILL Marren

    Fantastic information. I wonder if it matter whether the olive oil is extra virgin or not? I keep meaning to get an omega 3 supplement xx

    • Amy

      I’m not sure Jill, think there are more nutrients in extra vrigin olive oil. I always take Omega 3, keeps my hair and skin in good condition :) x

  • Enna

    Thanks for doing this. my nails always get brittle in autumn winter. i’ll start these tips to prevent it thank u!!!!!

    • Amy

      Glad to be of help Enna :)

  • Heather

    This is brilliant Amy, exactly what I need!

    • Amy

      Great Heather!

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