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Hubble Bubble Bath Potion: Bath Fizz for Grown-Ups

I have been a busy little bee this week. I have been trying to find an alternative to bath bombs. I was sick of the waste and the breakage and fancied something a little more grown up. I experimented for quite some time and finally came up with a recipe that was as fantastic in reality as it was on paper.

From my site:  filled with witchy ingredients that heal and sooth the skin and the soul. It softens and moisturises your skin, soothes aching muscles, draws out impurities and calms the mood whilst also offering some anti-aging… click here for information…

Recently I asked for your help in naming this bath product. I had a giggle reading your thoughtful suggestions. It turns out that I was right, you are far more creative than I and I was right to consult you first :)

I loved so many of your suggestions but in the end I settled on a name inspired by two readers. Although I won’t be using the exact suggestion it was inspired by them – Kelly and BeautyJunkie86. The name I settled on was Hubble Bubble Bath Potion.

Thank you all for your suggestions. There were some great ones that I would like to use for future soap projects. Don’t worry, if I use your suggestion I will send you a sample!

A 100g bag costs €4.50 and shipping worldwide on any size order is €3.50. Click here to see my shop

‘Til next time ladies

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