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I adore Kathy Van Zeeland Luggage

I love Kathy Van Zeeland handbags. I have collected quite a few over the last few years so when I saw her luggage in Filene’s  in Chicago I couldn’t resist!

I bought 2 suit cases, 27 and 21 inch and of course the set wasn’t complete without the travel bag. They had a sale on the day I was there and they had a further 25% off luggage so they were a steal. I got the full luggage set for $75 (50 euro!).

The photos don’t pick up on the fabric. They have a soft sheen, almost like satin. They are durable and well made. They each came with a pink luggage label which reads ‘Take me, I’m yours’. All of the zips have Kathy’s signature charm attached to them.

In true ridiculously Amy fashion, I love the interior of the cases. They are a gorgeous shade of pink! There is also a little plastic zip log bag attached to the inside (detachable) to house your toiletries, cute!!

I’m in love! I was chuffed when I saw the cases come out on the luggage belt in Dublin airport. Best lookin’ luggage on the belt! Ha ha

I’ve always wanted classy luggage. As a girl who loves pink, I find it surprising that I’m not attracted to pink or colourful luggage at all. They are an accessory after all, not just for function. I feel the same about umbrella’s!

Amy x

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  • Eva

    I just love the luggage pictured, where can i get a set ?
    Kind Regards

  • Elisa

    Wow! They are very nice and I’m suprised you got all of this for only 75$ because here in Canada just one handbag is 120$. I’ve always wanted to get a Kathy van Zeeland handbag but at that price I’m waiting to find the perfect one, I feel like we don’t have much choice here. Yours is gorgeous though!

    And I understand your classy luggage love, I’ve always wanted some as well but that would be an uncessary splurge: I don’t even travel haha!


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