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I can’t let go of Eyeko Lilac Polish!

I have had Eyeko Lilac Polish in my collection for a year now and I still love it as much as I did the day I first laid eyes on it. I am now on my fourth bottle.

I should really move on but I just can’t let go! Here’s a few swatches if you haven’t seen it yet…



What I love most about this polish, besides the pretiness of the colour, is the creaminess. It’s so easy to apply and I never make a mess (I’m dreadful at putting on nail polish, despite years of practice). I find myself reaching for it regularly, even in the ice and snow.

At least it’s Spring now and Lilac Polish looks more at home!

Is there a shade you can’t move on from?

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  • Glittens

    That looks gorgeous! I have OPI ‘Do you Lilac It’ but it makes me look like I have corpse fingers. I have to layer over either a sheer pink topcoat (Essence jellybabe polish) or a sparkly pink (OPI Princesses Rule- Love it!!)- then it looks much nicer on me.

  • Hannah

    Beautiful! I think you’d also like china glaze spontaneous :)

  • Donna

    Amy, I love you and your site but I’ve been really dissapointed with your content since you took a break at christmas. 3 posts in a row about eyeko nail polishes just dont cut it. I used to visit this site every day even 2 or 3 times a day now your lucky if I visit twice a week. I really hope you start posting better content. I used to love having a read of this site it just bores me now. I really dont mean to be harsh but Im just so dissapointed with this site atm.

  • Sammar

    Its so pretty !

  • Kat

    Soooooo pretty! Just what’s needed to banish the winter blues! Bring on spring!

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