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I can’t live without exfoliating gloves!

I am recording my May favourites later and was gathering the products I needed when I realised that there is one item that I have relied heavily on last month. No fancy creams or expensive make-up just exfoliating gloves.

I have tried quite a few brands of exfoliating gloves but my favourites are from Infinity (have no idea who they are). I found them at my local pharmacy for €2.99. The Penneys version are a bargain at €1.50 but I find them a little too abrasive.

I exfoliate like a mad woman before a sun holiday to prepare my skin. I have tried so many exfoliators. Currently in my bathroom I have L’Oreal Exfotonic (love the smell of this one), St Tropez Body Polish, Fake Bake Scrub, Soap and Glory and a few more that have made their way onto the shelf. I like them all but they don’t work near as well as exfoliating gloves.

I find exfoliating products are great for maintenance of already smooth/exfoliated skin but the gloves are great was sloughing off dead skin efficiently.

They’re great at scrubbing off fake tan if you want an even base for re-application. I have sensitive skin and don’t find gloves too abrasive. I cover myself in one of my organic soaps and then scrub gently. I also use the gloves before epilating, waxing or shaving, that means no ingrown hairs afterwards.

I’ll be bringing a pair of these gloves in Holiday this year, much lighter than carrying a bottle of exfoliator.

What do you use to exfoliate?

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  • Reme

    If anyone (in Ireland) is interested in a bargain f.y.i. I popped into McCabes to pick up some exfoliating gloves and they are selling ‘Dove tanning kits’ for €7.99 at the mo’. You get their gradual tanner (‘Dove Summer Glow Beauty Body Lotion’), an exfoliator (‘Dove Daily Exfoliating Shower Scrub’) and a pair of exfoliating gloves – not bad at all!!

  • Reme

    Thanks for the tip Amy; I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those Infinity gloves! My favourite exfoliator is Elle MacPherson’s sparkle & shimmer boby scrub from her Glow range, it feels AMAZING on my skin and is often on offer in Boots. I will definitely be ordering some of your lavender and oat scrub bars (once I get through some of my shower products stockpile). F.y.i. it has gotten some very positive comments over on recently so congrats!

  • Claire

    Amy, not to sound rude but did you ever pick the winners of the mac competition for when you were up fo a net visionary award? I know you stopped people entering but I was just wondering if you ever actually did the draw?

  • Su

    These r great The other day I was gettin ready for my spray tan opened my tub of almond exfoliater to discover it half empty ( the joys of brothers who jump around in the shower turnin over all my stuff ) anyway I had to exfoliate n had no time to go buy a new one so I raided mammys cupboards n poured a load of sugar n drop of evoo in with the last of the now watered down exfoliator n it was amazin the sugar was great stuff xx

  • Erica (madameir)

    ooooh might try the brown sugar lemon juice and honey tonight! I’m such a messer though, last time I incorporated honey into the beauty routine the place got sticky!! REAL sticky!

  • Amy

    I swear by them! I’ve been using them for years every single time i shower-I don’t find myself clean unless I’ve used them..

  • robyn

    i also use exfoliating gloves, i absolutely cannot live with out them, as im a complete tanorexic, i’ve tried all exfoliators…none are as good as when i use my gloves with st tropez body polish :)

    love your blog and yt vids :) cant wait to see your may faves. xxx

    • Amy

      @robyn Ah thank you :) Totally agree with gloved plus st tropez body polish! x

  • Sandrha Orther

    hi …
    these gloves are great for good exfoliate,,, when combined with an exfoliating cream or gel is better …

    • Amy

      @Sandrha Orther Very true :)

  • Erica (madameir)

    Amen to the gloves and your bump banisher for inbetween days (I use it all over not just my arms. I use olive oil and coarse sea salt to exfoliate my feet from time to time. Since buying gloves though, I really think it works the best and its cheap! would never but any expensive body polisher again. Have occasionally dabbled in 2 lush exfoliators but I hate the smell of them (one smells like wheetabix) and I dont find them anything special at all!

    • Amy

      @Erica (madameir) I do that too, exfoliating gloves once a week and lavender scrub bar daily in the shower. I always used to use salt and olive oil in my feet but have recently started mixing brown sugar with lemon juice and honey Mmmm :) Wheetabix scent? So gross haha

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