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I Heart Skin Plumping – Novexpert La Creme Repulp

n2I’m in heaven! Novexpert La Creme Repulp actually replumps. Shocker. Pardon me for being so cynical but I am sick of products that claim to work magic but only leave us feeling disappointed or with a bad case of buyers remorse.


n3This replumper is an anti-ageing solution for those of us who need a little bit of a lift on occasion. It contains pure hyaluronic acids fill in lines from within and gives an immediate re-plump effect.

When I’m sleep deprived – which is a lot lately, this is a morning life saver. It plumps up any fine lines and my skin and complexion looks much better. It’s very hydrating too. I had no breakouts and no reaction to the hyaluronic acid – if you are sensitive to the latter it is recommended that you use the product intermittently.

I apply it in the morning and wait five minutes before applying my makeup. It doesn’t hinder makeup application at all, in fact it seems to make it go on smoother. My face looks lifter and fine lines are plumped. Sorted.

I had never heard of Novexpert before trying this cream. Their products were created by a team of four French doctors taking a 360 degree approach to skincare -taking care of every element, starting with the gene. They contain a patented active ingredient that stimulates collagen. It is inspired by the inhabitants of Okinawa, Japan, who regularly live to over a hundred due to a diet rich in sea vegetables and algae (bleuch!) The doctors found that the active part of the algae, Novaxyline, has anti-inflamatory properties, fights free radicals and essentially re-sets the cells.

They claim that the product works on three levels 1. Gene; they stimulate the gene that is responsible for the cells anti-ageing process. 2. DNA; by helping to prevent photo-ageing  which damages the cells DNA and 3. Cells; The skin contains stem cells, the only cells that don’t die. They get older and less numerous as we get older resulting in lack of suppleness and elasticity. The ingredients in Novepert protect and regenerate stem cells.

I don’t know about the Science bit but it works for me and that’s all I care about.

I like the tube and the packaging it a hit. It also smells yummy, which lets face it is important. It costs €38 /£34 for 40ml. It is available from, select pharmacies and from a variety of online retailers.

Would I go out an buy this? As soon as it’s gone I will definitely order. Has anyone tried Novexpert?

Amy x


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