I need your opinion…again!

Hi everyone,

I need your opinion…again! (It has become apparent that I need to consult you all before making beauty/makeup choices haha)

I’m trying to decide where to go with the whole natural soap and lotion thing. At the moment I have 7 soaps, bath bombs, Vitamin E Cream, Body Butter Bars, Dead Sea Bath Salts and healing lip salve. I want to try some new things but am unsure about it.I was thinking about foot care, hand care, pet shampoo bars etc. What do you think?

I’d love to hear your ideas. What types of products would you expect/like to see ?

Thanks everyone

Amy x

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  • Sarah

    I would definitely be interested in the pet shampoo bars, organic 100%. My dog has a really sensitive coat so we found if we need to give him a bath he gets really itchy after using pet shampoo we think because of the chemicals so this would definitely be a MUST HAVE for me. :)

  • Angie

    A face mosturizer for dry sensitive skin. And a natural product that can remove calluses.

  • Sarah

    HI Amy
    I’m not sure how it would be made, but I use Babyface cleansing bar from Lush and it is AMAZING, leaves my skin so so soft, and as I have oily skin I wasn’t sure how it would work before applying make up, but its a dream.
    Heres a link incase anyone wants a nosey!
    Sarah x

  • kat

    Hey Amy, I think a face mask and body scrub would be great to do. I am still loving all the products I bought from you…. I’m excited to see what new stuff you come up with ! …Kat.

    P.S check the link below the bath bombs in your shop, it doesnt let you add them to basket.

    • Amy

      Thanks so much for letting me know :) Bugs in a new system haha.

  • Sharon

    Hi Amy,

    Great products so far – maybe would suggest doing facial, body scrubs. Can be quite difficult to find these kind of products that dont irritate the skin, so if they were made from natural ingredients, would be a major plus :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Sharon. Scrubs on the way :) Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sarah

    Hey Amy,

    Shampoo bars would be great. I have a couple of lush ones and I love them. Facial Scrubs sound good too.

    • Amy

      Thanks for the feedback Sarah. Will start experimenting with shampoo bars :)

  • Liz

    All ideas sound really good but what caught my eye was the pet shampoo! xP I have a german shepherd and would love a “natural alternative”. haha ^^

    • Amy

      Aw I’d love a german shepherd!! what’s his/her name? Doggie wash bar on the way so! :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Heather

    What about making some face masks from natural ingredients? :)

    • Amy

      Great idea :)

  • Karen

    I love minty or menthol foot products, they feel so nice revitalizing, the tingle really helps stimulation in tired feet! There must be tons of great organic options for this.

    Best wishes on this endeavor for you! ♥


    • Amy

      Thank you Karen :) I love Menthol/peppermint foot products too. Think I’ll make a peppermint foot line :)

  • Bonnie

    Hi Amy,

    Just what came to mind while reading these comments and your post; hand/foot care like mani/pedi kits, also a face routine kit.
    Happy Holidays!!!


    • Amy

      Great idea Bonnie!
      Thank you :)
      Happy Holidays

  • Sarah Connor

    Could you do some hair care products one day?
    Facial scrub, nail care, body scrub, slightly tinted lip balms, eye cream, face mask…. i’ll try to think of more!

    • Amy

      Hair care products are definitely on my list. I’ll be experimenting over the holidays :)
      Thank you for the rest of your ideas, I’m taking note haha
      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Rhiannon

    I’m really curious about CoastalScents eyeshadows. They are really inexpensive, but supposedly good. Have you ever heard of this brand, Amy?

    • Amy

      I have an 88 palette which is fantastic for vibrant colours. I haven’t tried any of the rest though

  • Alisa

    What about toners? Witch hazel, rose water, etc.

    • Amy

      Super idea Alisa :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Glamorouxx

    I would like body scrub with sugar and honey or sea salt and olive oil (I once tried the last one and I loved it!).
    Then coffee soaps would be great, because caffeine is number one enemy of cellulite. I think women would adore it. Oatmeal exfoliating face bar is good idea. Omg, I have so many thoughts :)
    When something else comes to my mind, I will write it right here next time.

    Merry “not here yet” Christmas! ;)

    • Amy

      Will you come and help me! Lol Thanks so much for your ideas, they are brilliant!! :)
      Cellulite products Hmmm Excellent!
      Keep your ideas coming, you’re brilliant!
      Merry Christmas :)

  • Catriona

    Hand care please! :) The ones from Lush are too greasy for me but my hands are soo dry all the time.

    • Amy

      Thanks for that Catriona :)

  • TheBeautySpark

    I’d love to see a footcare set :) I’ve got a hectic job and I always need products to keep them in check! xxx

    • Amy

      Oooh a footcare pack appeals to me too. I’ll start experimenting!
      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Alfie

    How bout bath gels, liquid face wash and scrub?

  • Brittany

    All of those ideas sound great, Amy! A great hand cream … oooh and maybe a scrub for hands to slough off dead skin and make them uber smooth. :)

    Pet shampoo bars – LOVE this idea. Please don’t forget about cats though. I find people always make things for dogs, but they don’t realize that there are lots of us cat lovers out there that pamper our kitties!
    I guess technically you could make a shampoo that would work for all animals. :)

    • Amy

      Aw poor kitties always get left out! Hand scrub is a great idea :) Thanks for your feedback Brittany

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