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I want Rose Products- Without a hint of Granny please

I have developed an obsession with rose products. Now I don’t mean the granny rose scent of soap, I mean elegant, contemporary and pretty.

Here are some rose products that I would love! On another note – I have added a Facebook Like icon at the bottom of all my posts, so if you enjoy please like :)

Lush Gorilla Pefume Imogen Rose (€24 for 10g / €12 solid perfume / €52 for 30g perfume bottle) A warm romantic scent. Uses 100% pure rose oil and fresh basil. Wears into a warm baby talc with rose absolute. The dry down is warm and floral, a sweet amber. Not a hint of granny apparently.


By Terry Baume de Rose – Can be used on lips and cuticles. It’s said to plump lines on lips, leaving them supple and protected. But at £35 for 10g from Space NK I think I’ll have to save for this one.



Lush Tisty Tosty bath ballistic (€4.90) – contains rose buds


Rose Lipgloss Balm by Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beauty  (€15)

I found it for €8 (plus p&p) from here 0r €15 from House of Frazer and Clery’s. While I’m at it, I’d also love to try Thomas Sabo Charm Rose (€49 from the website above).

What do you think of rose? Have you any recommendations for me??

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  • Oshinsr

    I gotta check out Lush’s Imogen Rose. I also really enjoy rose scents without hints of granny, haha, love the title!

  • Pixie

    Any of the rose scented products from Jurlique smell amazing. I really like the Rose Silk Finishing Powder, Rose Love Balm and Rose Shower Gel.

  • Eilis

    I received a hideous Rose product this Christmas and what is worse is that I had to wear it for a day or two. We were staying with my boyfriend’s parents and his mum bought me a bottle of Paul Smith Rose perfume as a stocking filler. She usually always gets gifts so right but on this occasion she said they’d no testers left but the sales assistant told her it was a soft subtle rose scent suitable for someone of my age….. YUCK is all I can say it turned out to be completely granny-like and very overpowering.

  • Imogen Ni Ealaî

    The imogen rose perfume by lush is amazing! and obviously i had to get it because my names on it!!! imogen x

  • Tracy

    I recently tried Morrocan Rose perfume at the Body shop last time I was in & its amazing! check it out if you haven’t already :)

  • Charan

    OMG.. I have an obsession with rose products as well :) . I have a rose facial spray which i bought from and the Moroccan rose eau de toilette from The body shop.

  • Becky

    Oh, also! (Just remembered)
    Have you tried rosewater toner? It’s meant to be especially good for dry, sensitive skin. I use it cos it isn’t astringent and smells lovely :) I like the Lush one (do they still make it?) and the Botanics one. I haven’t tried the more expensive ones like Neals Yard because I’m a poor student :(
    I know you’re asking more about perfumes here, but while the topic’s on rose stuff I thought I’d mention it :)

  • Becky

    Can I recommend Rose & Co Rose Petal Lip Salve? Not only does it smell gorgeous and look adorable in a little pink tin, but it’s a brilliant lipbalm. I’ve been using it daily since I bought it years ago. I’d say it was better than Burts Bees, Carmex and Vaseline (imo). :)

  • Sammar

    I’ve always loved and will love roses !
    I got a perfume gift set from Next called Charmed and it smells like roses and its AMAZING !

  • Kitty

    Rose is pretty and I do like floral scents, but I will always be more into berry, fruity and vanilla types!

    Kitty x

  • Lana

    The lippie looks so pretty. If you pick it up I’d love to see what it looks like on. Thanks amy x

  • keeva

    I’m the same at the moment, rose everything. I blame Stella Mc C :-)
    Thanks for this post, now I have a few more items to check out xxx

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