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I was shopping online (dun, dun, duuun…)

One of the worst things I have done this year is sign up to New Looks newsletters. It’s a disaster. When they send me offers or announcements of new stock I have to look – have to I tell ya.

Anyway, I caved. Not one thing in their sale appealed to me in the slightest so I made up for it by buying something new. I bought some high waisted flowery shorts and a floral pintuck blouse. Maybe  I like floral? :)

Floral Pintuck Blouse £24.99


I blame the blouse purchase on you lot on Twitter and FaceBook. I tweeted the link to see what you thought and the unanimous response was ‘get it’. Hey, who am I to argue?

I bought a blue blouse last week and planned to buy the shorts below to go with them but I forgot my laser card. I didn’t take it as a sign that they weren’t to be mine, I bought them online when I got home instead. I’ll be good from now on, I promise… at the very least, I’ll try.


Floral High Waisted Shorts £17.99


Shipping was £5.50, which is a little steep considering I didn’t order anything heavy. But when you factor in the €5 extra it would have cost on each item to buy them in Dublin it works out fine.

Have you bought anything nice for Spring?

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  • lyndsy

    Hi Amy, I love the blouse!!! I am pregnant at moment but there are some lovely floral, smocky style blouses in Penneys and such great value too!!!

    • Amy

      I saw them the other day Lyndsy – so pretty. Must. Stay. Out. of. Penneys! Hope your pregnancy is going well

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