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I wish! What are you drooling over this week?

I was perusing Net-a-porter, to torture myself, and came across Mulberry’s Alexa bag in the most gorgeous Watermelon shade. I think a ‘wow’ might have escaped from my lips. Dream on Amy…

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I am in love. It’s very rare that I come across an item I am this excited about. It can be carried in your hand or worn across the body.

I tend to carry handbags and pass on the over-the-shoulder look as I am quite well endowed in the chest department so the strap is not a good look for me.

However, €1,100? I don’t think so. Ah well, at least I get to look :)

Oh man, I love handbags.

What are you drooling over this week?

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  • Nikki

    I sat staring at this online for ages and keep returning for another look, I love it so much !! I was lucky enough to get a Mulberry bag for my birthday last year but they’ve gone up in price so much since then – I still love them though, maybe total spending ban for a year and I might be able to get one – you in ??

  • Pink Fluff

    It actually feels quite soft to touch! I was surprised how good quality it feels for 14 pounds!

  • Tesni

    Gorgeous! My mum has the brown version, but I like this better. I want but cannot afford :(

  • Alethea

    The mulberry bag is fab!!!
    I’m off to London in a few weeks time and I wondering if you had any makeup brand recommendations of things that are available in the UK which are good, but aren’t available in Ireland?I thought if anyone knew it would be you ;-)

    • Amy

      I think the only brands that are available there that we can’t get here is Sleek (the pink Cadillac lip pot is yummy!)

  • Trish

    Oh my covetness!!!

    • Amy

      Ha ha, I know! :)

  • Avery Evans

    I am absolutely drooooling over the new Alexander McQueen S/S ’11 shoes. They’ve got leaves and feathers and gold, and they’re just so pretty!

    • Amy

      Oh fabulous!!!!!

  • Pink Fluff
    • Amy

      Looks good, how does it feel?

  • Emma

    Ditto on the love for Mulberry bags…when I win the lottery maybe!!

    • Amy

      My thoughts exactly!

  • mariga

    Gorgeous! I bought the Mulberry ‘Poppy’ bag 3 years ago (in a 60% off sale). Even at €400 it was expensive but so worth it. I’ve used it practically every day since and it still looks new. Keep watching, you might get it in a sale!

    • Amy

      Wow that is a good deal. And it really is an investment!

    • Nikki

      OMG What a bargain with 60% off !! Their bags are unbelievable, I have a Mitzy and she still is so pretty a year on xx

  • Doris

    I am drooling over a platin wedding band by Tiffany’s. Problem is I am single. *sigh*

    • Amy

      At least you know exactly what you like when the right man comes along!

  • Lyndsey

    I agree the Alexa bag is to die for, however,it’s nowhere in my price range either unfortunately!

    Just been drooling over my good friends recent holiday snaps of her 5 star spa break. View’s to die for,umpteen pampering sessions a day and then a blinkin’ infinity pool all to herself!!!! Some people are just born lucky.

    • Amy

      Ha ha lucky lady, feeling sorry for myself reading that!

  • Miss A

    I’m drooling over Pauls Boutique’s Roxanne bag.. Oh god. I want it so much. Been looking at it for days (online, of course). A lot cheaper than Mulberry though so I might have to get it….. :P

    • Amy

      You must. Then I can have handbag happiness vicariously through you :)

  • Mise

    Wow! Have to agree, that’s gorgeous, but at that price? ‘Fraid not :(

    • Amy

      Like the rest of us :)

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