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Want Big Eyes? Consider an Eyelash Curler

I’m obsessed with eyelashes. They can really make a face. I like my own,they are curly and quite full. But what I gain in curl I lack in length. Hence the lengthening mascara addiction. For those if you that don’t have overly curly lashes you should give an eyelash curlers a try.

People are always shocked at the difference curled lashes makes to their eyes and face. Nearly all women would benefit from using one, especially ladies with straight lashes. It really opens up, lengthens and widens the eye.

The most important thing is to remember to curl your lashes before you apply mascara. If  you try it reverse it could damage the lashes. Also remember to clean your eyelash curler regularly to avoid eye infections.

Another tip I picked up is to blast your eyelash curlers with your hairdryer for a few seconds before using it. The heat will help curl the lashes and ensure hold.  Apply the tool the base of the lashes and press together for about 10 seconds. Be careful no the pinch the skin on your eyelids. If you have very straight lashes move the tool half way up the lashes and repeat.

The Bobbi Brown eyelash curler is a cult product but my favourite is one I picked up from Avon which self heats. If your unsure it’s best to stick to a metal curler.

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  • Leah*

    I used an eyelash curler for a while and one day I noticed that my eyelashes were all different lenghts!! They weren’t naturally like this then one day I figured out the eyelash curler i had been using was pulling out and cutting my eyelashes!! :( Now there all odd lenghts and im very self concious about them :(

  • mashkee

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • Dorothy

    Thanks for the super quick reply Amy! :) And thanks a lot for the info! Will have to pop into Boots tomorrow and see if they still have them for €12! Wooo! :)

  • Dorothy

    I looove my eyelash curler! :) I use it everyday. I’ve got very long lashes, but they don’t curl much, so it really makes a difference. One thing I’ve learned from (painful) experience is that you should be very careful when you replace the rubber thingy on the inside, because it can be VERY hard and literally CUT your eyelashes off! So always be careful and never curl your lashes after putting the mascara on. I’m very intrigued by the idea of a heated one, never tried it! Around how much are heated eyelash curlers and where (except Avon) can you get one at a fairly reasonable price?

    • Amy

      @Dorothy They’re quite reasonable. I saw one in Boots a few months ago for €12

  • carlinn

    Thanks for the heating tip! i am totaly going to do that :)

  • Ciara

    I have an eyelash curler (a black one from Inglot, Liffey Valley).
    The problem is that my eyelashes seem to get stuck in the corner of it and i have to pull it away from my eye(which pulls the eyelash out).
    I was wondering do you know how to prevent this? It has put me off using it as the last 2 times i used it an eyelash got stuck :(

    • Amy

      @Ciara That shouldn’t happen, could be just poorly made. I’d bring it back

  • Amanda (sparklylove)

    Hey! I have been heating up my eyelash curler for years, but i have to do it after my mascara dries because if i do it before i put the mascara on, I’ll have nice curl but the mascara straightens it out. Am I damaging my eyelashes by doing curling after mascara is on?

    • Amy

      @Amanda It’s not recommended to use eyelash curlers after mascara it can break your lashes. Maybe try a different technique for applying your mascara like twirling the brush behind your lashes and using short strokes with the top of the brush on the front of the lashes. That way you’re not pulling them straight again

  • Joyce

    I’m loving the ELF’s eyelash curler! It’s only $1 USD and it’s so worth it! :)

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