Illamasqua Wishlist – any recommendations?

Illamasqua is a brand I have yet to explore.

I have my eye on a few things but I would really love some of your recommendations. What products best sum up the brand?

Here are a few items I would like to try.

Liquid Metal (£17.50)










Sealing Gel (£10.50)




4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette 01 (£30)

I must have this!!


I would love to hear about your experiences with the brand, what you recommend etc.


Amy x

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  • mcoifman

    Where can we buy Illamasqua here in Dublin?I checked in Debenhams in Henry Street but I didn’t find it! I want the cream blushes so much!


    • sunglassesandsparkles

      BT2 grafton street

    • Lobbery

      They’ve pulled out of the republic of Ireland. They used to be in BT2 on Grafton Street but they’ve pulled out :-(

  • Lex

    I wasn’t very impressed with the Liquid Metals :-/. I wore them as eyeshadow and even with a base, they creased and the color didn’t last. I don’t think I tried them with a powder shadow on top, which may help a lot with the staying power but I can’t say for sure. I’d love to try some of their regular eyeshadows, but I’ll have to save up a bit of money first :). I do highly recommend their blushes, though. My favorite is Katie and I’d also like to try Unrequited.

  • Lucy

    I really like their nail polishes – my favourite is Ruthless, a true red that veers towards dark orange.

  • Simone

    I’ve found their eye shadows, especially the mattes, to be the best quality one can buy. I also like very much the Light Liquid Foundation; they have a very good range of colours including light and very light skin with pink undertones. I like the Box lipstick too.

  • Lobbery

    I love Illamasqua ! I was gobsmacked when they left Ireland. They sent around a mail yesterday with 20% off your next order if you’re subscribed to their mailing list.

    I’ve twice seen them go to nearly half price in ASOS sales too so a good one to keep an eye on.

    The rich liquid foundation is great to have in your kit. It covers better than the MAC full coverage or any other foundation I’ve seen before. A pea size amount does an entire face and it can even cover tattoos. Doesn’t even feel heavy like you’d think (although don’t get me wrong, it is thick and you know you’re wearing it).

    The sealing gel is fantastic, I’d really recommend it.

    Their eyeshadows do tend to crease a bit more than similarly priced eyeshadows but the pigment is great. Likewise, the pigmentation in their blushers.

    I wasn’t mad about their cream foundation but I’m not a cream foundation lover. The light liquid foundation is a great day foundation. I got mine for 11 euro when they were closing down in BT2 !

    Their pencils are good and tend not to smudge or run on the eyes. On the other side though, they’re no good for smudging and using as a base.

    Their satin primer does keep the foundation on. A bit too dewy for my liking but would be good for someone with dry skin. Smells lovely too.

  • Lily

    I have the loose powder and the eyebrow cake, both of which are everyday staple products for me, the eyebrow cake in particular is great and your get so much for your money. I was recently in BT2 Grafton street and very sad to find out that Illamasqua stand is no longer there!! so buying will have to be online from now on. Debenhams have alot of their products on sale online atm but many are sold out of course.
    next on my list is the brow gel, which I have heard is HG for unruly brows and bronzer in burnish and blush in rude.
    There are really so many things I want to try. I love this brand for its step outside the norm!
    LV xx

  • sparklzandshine

    I love the liquid metals. They are very emolient to get the wet look of liquid metal, which makes them extremely high maintenance if you want to wear them as an eyeshadow. I’ve worn resolute as a lippie quite a bit. And I like enrapture in my brows.

    I’m really looking forward to trying out the new cream pigments and I’d definitely recommend the cream foundation and medium pencils – they’re so versitile. Nail Varnishes are awesome too.

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