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I’m converted – Nail Varnish Remover Pads from Quickies

I have taken a break from nail polish removed in bottle form. I misplace the bottle, I spill it (clumsy Amy!) but worst of all I never remember to pick up cotton pads for removal. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my little rant recently where I attempted to remove Eyeko Vampira (a dark glittery polish) with nail varnish remover and tissue!


I sat on my sitting room floor surrounded by flitters of paper and I had used half a bottle of polish. Worst of all after all of that I still couldn’t get rid of it all.

I finally found a product that suite my disorganised nature – Quickies.

Let me start by saying that I bought these myself in my local Boots. They cost about €2.20 as far as I remember.

I have actually bought a different brand of pads before, a small red tub – can’t remember who made them. They were about €3 for 20 but they were tiny pads! I needed one for each hand/foot and if it was a dark polish I needed more. Not the case with Quickies – they are huge!

I took  the polish off my finger and toe nails last night with one (don’t worry I reversed it!) as a little test.


Love, love, love! I didn’t even have to scrub the pad back and forth. I just placed it on the nail, waited 2 seconds and swiped. I’m off to buy a few more boxes…one for the car, one for my bag… you get the idea.

I posted a Nails of the Day post this morning – click here to see :)

What is your favourite nail polish removing product?

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  • Vicky

    Semichem sell them too ! £1 over here in Scotland :)

  • Lieenie

    I love the jar polish remover. It’s in a little tub and you stick your finger into it and it comes out polish free. They are called Pretty Quik. They have them in Superdrug & the bigger Boots. The Pink & navy one is fab I’ve re purchased so many times.
    Watch out for the acetone free one think it’s a white tub not so fantastic.

  • Lorraine

    I use a Boots own brand with lanolin and vitamin E (acetone free), they really make a difference, and smell nice :) Then go in with a Sally Hansen Diamond strength clear nail hardener.

    • Amy

      Oooh I must try the Diamond Stregth, the one I have chips!

  • robyn

    i love these sort of products…they make life so easy!

    • Amy

      Hell yes!

  • Lana

    Love these two, got them in my local pharmacy recently and Im already on my second box :-) xxx

    • Amy

      You have great taste :)

  • Orla

    I had the little red box you were talking about. These look way better!!

    • Amy

      Wonder who makes the little red box

  • Lucy

    I love polish remover pads – I used the Superdrug ones when I was on holiday, they were a lifesaver in my case and one pad removed both hands if I was wearing a creme polish. I’m tempted to give up normal bottles of remover, I accidentally dropped a bottle last week and ended up with half a bottle all over my jeans!

    • Amy

      That sounds like something I would do! I spilled half a bottle on my grandmothers expensive dining room table, luckily she’s very forgiving! Hope your jeans are alright!

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