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Body Mists: The new edge to White Musk

I have a new fondness for body spritzers. I have built myself a little collection of body sprays, mainly from Victoria Secret.  I tend to spritz them on my clothes even if I’m wearing perfume. I know that doesn’t make sense but I love nice smells. On occasion I have even used a body lotion version of a perfume with an edt and a body spray, all clashing but yummy!

I was sorting through my sprays this morning when I came across one that I love at the moment. We all have a nostalgic fragrance that trigger memories. As a child, like so many of you, I used to cover myself in The Body Shop white musk fragrance oil. I loved it. I was in there recently and picked up the tester to reminisce. Although I enjoyed a trip down memory lane it isn’t a fragrance I could wear now. Enter White Musk Breeze.

I have the Cooling Body Mist of White Musk Breeze. It’s a much more modern take on white musk. The musk is very subtle, it’s a much fresher, sparkley version of the cult fragrance. The notes feature lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, plum, peach, leafy green, elemi, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, aquatic notes, ylang ylang, tagette, carnation, white musk, cedar wood, patchouli and touch of vanilla.

It scent doesn’t last  that long on my skin but I haven’t tried a body spray that does. The best part for me is the cooling effect on the skin. I look forward to using this on holiday this Summer. I think I might have a look at the edt next time I’m in there.

Do you use body sprays?

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  • jikl

    i just came across your blog for the first time and i know this post is old so no one will probably see this, but a tip for anyone who still has white musk perfume oil around — i can’t wear this anymore on my skin because i notice it in a second whenever i smell it on someone else, plus it’s really old, but i like the scent and i use the oil in an oil burner instead. my housemates and everyone always say how nice my room smells! i usually mix it with a bit of lavender or bergamot oil to take the old edge off it.

    someone mentioned sanctuary body spray. i used to love the scent of sanctuary stuff, the body oil is lovely, but i bought the body spray and it’s just not as nice. i find it kind of sickly and somehow it reminds me of being in a hot car on a heavy summers day – kind of stale and claustrophobic? think it’s put me off at scent forever :(

    for summer i think i might stock up on some of the cheap boots own brand cologne, i usually don’t like rose scents, but i tried the rose one and it was lovely. it comes in a big glass bottle, but i’d probably put it in a spray bottle.

    • Amy

      @jikl I think I’ll be joining you on this one, boots colognes are perfect for summer!

  • Skönhetsjunkie

    @ Amy: I have combination skin on the oily side, quite sensitive and rosacea. I’m using the Citrus wash and the sugaplum oil free moisturizer.
    Thank you so much :)

  • Skönhetsjunkie

    Hi :) I was hoping you could help me with something; I’m looking for new skincare products that are all natural but I just can’t seem to find a good (somewhat reasonable priced) brand :S I’ve been using Eminence Organics for about 4 months but I keep getting little bumps all over my face and I really can’t figure out what the problem is! I would be so grateful for your advice :) Thank you!

    • Amy

      @ Skönhetsjunkie What skin type have you? The bumps on your face are probably a reaction to an ingredient in the product you are using. It’s probably not the brand itself but the particular product. Let me know what yous skin type is and I’ll get back to you :) x

  • Emily

    OMG I just to be obsessed with Body Shop White Musk when I was younger! I totally latched onto the smell and went through bottles and bottles of it until I realised it’s abit of an old lady smell and literally haven’t used it since! My gran keeps “forgetting” I don’t like it anymore (I know she picks it up cheap from little old lady jumble sales haha!) so I still keep getting more and more of it haha.

  • Essjay23x

    White musk, there is a blast from the past. Couldn’t imagine my early teens without it!

  • Kristin

    I have a fantastic smelling body spray from Bath and Body works it’s the Pomegranate Lemon and I love it. I own several Bath and Body Works body sprays but the Pomegranate Lemon is my favorite by far.

  • Ais

    Whenever I’m in the states I always get a Victorias Secret body spray to wear around over there, and a bottle or two..or three… to bring home but by the time summer ends they’re long finished.Don’t go over every summer and I’ve never even thought of shopping around here for body sprays!Sounds crazy but I just never see them, I would love if the Body Shop did a coconut-ish one,(maybe they do?!) I cannot get enough of coconut scented products for summer,it is the most summer smelling scent.. ?haha! if that makes sense! x

  • Eileen

    I looovee the sanctuary body sprays at the moment they’re gorgeous, but yes I do remember over loading on white musk oil in my day! fab!

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