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Yay my new website is here :)

Hi ladies, Welcome to my new website! I’m very excited about it and I’d love to know what you think. I’m going to update my blog every afternoon so keep an eye out for new posts. I will also be running a blog competition next week to thank my followers for re-following and to also thank my new followers :) To get things started I’d like to share today’s purchases with you! I bought these at the market so I got some really great deals. Foundation:

  • Rimmel Recover – 200 Soft Beige
  • Max Factor Lasting Performance -109 Natural Bronze

Rimmel Lipglosses:

  • Vinyl Bronze – 199 Sunset
  • Vinyl Bronze – 122 Read My Lips

Rimmel Lipsticks: (most of these are for my kit. Wouldn’t have the guts to wear most of these haha)

  • 070 Boost
  • 321 Diva Red
  • 275 Dreamy
  • 155 Flirtatious
  • 166 Temptation
  • 293 Mulberry Silk


Above: Boost, Diva Red, Dreamy, Flirtacious, Temptation, Mulberry Silk

I am loving Temptation over Diva Red.  All I need now is the guts to actually wear it outside!


Above: Sunset, Read My Lips

I haven’t tried the foundations yet, any thoughts?? Thanks for reading :) and welcome once again!

Amy x

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