Improve your Online Beauty Experience – Better & Faster Internet

Hi ladies,

This post is not make-up related but I often get questions about page/video loading speed. Since  I spend so much time online I thought I’d recommend Firefox. No , they didn’t pay me to say this :) It’s much faster than Internet Explorer. It’s a faster internet experience on all sites, including this one. I downloaded it about a year ago (it’s free) and I’ve never looked back.

If you’re interested you can download it for free here

Your local nerd :)


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  • shalyafzan

    u shud try google chrome then.. ;p

  • Katie

    I used Mozilla for the longest time and then one day it just crashed and I can’t use it anymore. I’m currently using Google Chrome and I love it. It transferred over all of my bookmarks and passwords and it’s lovely to use.

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing that with us Katie

  • Marta Rodrigues

    I always used Firefox, Internet Explorer is super slow.

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