In and Out 2

This weeks Ins and Outs:


Taking care of my skin: I have been quite lazy about skin care over the last few years, ahem, decade. It routine consisted of makeup wipes, neutrogena 2 in 1 and spot cream. Although I was enticed by lovely skin care products I wasn’t willing to put the time in to pamper my skin. Well, I’m a changed woman. I bought myself a Liz Earl Skincare set and got the Clinique Acne Care set for Christmas so I’m set. I have been really enjoying giving my skin some time and care. It’s quite theraputic. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this!

MUFE HD Foundation: I’m converted. I don’t even need primer under this foundation. I’m very happy I gave it a second chance.

Saving: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m looking forward to saving up some money this year. I’m not going to buy obsessively. I’m going to enjoy what I have and save my money for a nice holiday. I won’t deny myself the occasional makeup product though :)

Snow: I’m loving the drop in temperature. I love the fresh air that comes with snow days, it reminds me to breath.


Stress: Hairloss, weight loss, sleep deprivation. Enough is enough.

Migraines: Damn photo-sensitivity! The low level sunlight in Winter triggers awful migraines. I look like such an eejit wearing sunglasses whilst walking the dog this time of year.

Taking down Christmas Decorations: I loathe this task, with a passion. It’s so much fun putting up the decorations. Taking them down is bit miserable. I think I’ll tackle it this evening. I”ll put on a movie as I’m boxing things away to take the edge off it :)

I love reading these posts so if you have done one leave me a link, I’d love to have a read of yours!

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  • cmac

    I just wanted to warn you that I have been using Clinique Acne Care for the last month or so and had a really horrible reaction from it. Over night my skin went sore, red, dry and flakey. Ive never suffered from dry skin or had sensitive skin but this was almost like eczema. I stopped using it and it has started to clear up. I would be careful of using Clinique again.

    • Amy

      It’s possible you had a reaction to benzoyl peroxide in the cream or salicylic acid in the the wash and toner. These chemicals are too harsh for many peoples skin. I’ve been using both chemicals for years (just in different products)
      I hope your skin is back to itself! Amy

  • Zara

    Can you get MUFE Foundation in Ireland Amy? if so, where? :)

    • Amy

      from face2 40 clarrendon street dublin 2. x

  • Brittany

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that after reading you got the Clinique Acne Care set, it made me remember why I don’t touch Clinique products…

    My friend went to school to become an esthetician, and her teacher told her an experience one of her students had with Clinique:

    She was in her local dept. store, and passed by the Clinique counter just as someone had broken a bottle of the dramatically different moisturizing lotion and it spilled in a giant pool on the floor. It wasn’t cleaned up for 10 minutes (until they could get the janitor there, I guess) and in that 10 minutes, the floor started peeling! When they wiped it off, all of the finish on the floor was gone in that area.

    My friend’s teacher related this story to prove that what she said was true – Clinique uses some very harsh ingredients in their cleansers and moisturizers.

    Keeping in mind this was, maybe, 6 years ago, perhaps they’ve changed their line since then.

    I hope you have a good experience with it, and I haven’t put a wrench in it for you. I just wanted to relate what I knew in case you did have a reaction.

    I know many women love their line though, so I’m not really sure what to think!

  • Brittany

    I did an “In and Out” blog post today. Have a look! :)

    Also, I was in the same boat with my skin care routine, Amy. I didn’t really have one, other than sporadically wiping my face with wipes before bed, and using cetaphil in the shower then a greasy moisturizer afterward. I guess it’s because I was having troubles with my acne, so I just didn’t feel good about my skin, and thought, “why bother?”. I feel differently now, and I agree, there is something so soothing, and gratifying about having a good skin care routine, and sticking to it!

  • Jen

    I have to totally agree with you! My Christmas tree and decorations are still up for the same reason.
    I also have a blog where I’ve done Ins and Outs. I think the last one I did was in December… anyway if you would like a peek at it you can

    I also got the Kat Von D pallet (for Christmas) in Beethoven as well. I will be reviewing it soon too :) If you like my blog please follow. Thanks. *HUGS*

  • Samantha Vickery

    Oh, where did Christmas go?! Good luck with the clinique acne system. It’ll be good to read a review soon. I’ve just started using the three step and eager to see how it affects my skin. My resolution for January is to keep using the samples until they run out. Sometimes I think I switch too soon.

  • kristi

    taking down decorations is the worst. i want it down but wish i could twinkle my nose and away it would be. so much effort…

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