In and Out 2

This weeks Ins and Outs:


Taking care of my skin: I have been quite lazy about skin care over the last few years, ahem, decade. It routine consisted of makeup wipes, neutrogena 2 in 1 and spot cream. Although I was enticed by lovely skin care products I wasn’t willing to put the time in to pamper my skin. Well, I’m a changed woman. I bought myself a Liz Earl Skincare set and got the Clinique Acne Care set for Christmas so I’m set. I have been really enjoying giving my skin some time and care. It’s quite theraputic. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this!

MUFE HD Foundation: I’m converted. I don’t even need primer under this foundation. I’m very happy I gave it a second chance.

Saving: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m looking forward to saving up some money this year. I’m not going to buy obsessively. I’m going to enjoy what I have and save my money for a nice holiday. I won’t deny myself the occasional makeup product though :)

Snow: I’m loving the drop in temperature. I love the fresh air that comes with snow days, it reminds me to breath.


Stress: Hairloss, weight loss, sleep deprivation. Enough is enough.

Migraines: Damn photo-sensitivity! The low level sunlight in Winter triggers awful migraines. I look like such an eejit wearing sunglasses whilst walking the dog this time of year.

Taking down Christmas Decorations: I loathe this task, with a passion. It’s so much fun putting up the decorations. Taking them down is bit miserable. I think I’ll tackle it this evening. I”ll put on a movie as I’m boxing things away to take the edge off it :)

I love reading these posts so if you have done one leave me a link, I’d love to have a read of yours!

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