In and Out: February

As you know, I love reading ‘in and out’ posts. Here’s mine for February.


  • Using airbrush foundation with my fingers, the epitome of laziness but works surprisingly well
  • Bright Lip Colour – I’m traditionally a neutral lip colour addict but Spring calls for something more perky. I’m getting brave!
  • House of Tiny Tearaways – I’m just addicted. Cup of tea, a Kellog’s Ginger Bake and Dr Tanya Byron.
  • Blogs – I love reading blogs, beauty, make-up, fashion, style…love ’em all


  • Heavy powder – Harsh day light does nothing for a powdered face, so unflattering. Less is definitely more when it comes to powder
  • Dry hands – A combination of central heating, cold, windy Ireland and dish washing is making my hands feel like crisp packets. I’m sick of putting on hand cream. Dry hands makes the world feel gross. It’s the one thing that puts me in bad form because I hate the feel of everything I touch when my hands are parched. Rant over.
  • My hair – it’s so thin and lifeless now, love the highlights Mammy gave me though

What are you ins and outs? Come on, I have to know :)

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  • Gemma

    Eating, sleeping, laughing and enjoying the holidays

    Collection 2000 nail polishes- cheap but suprisingly good

    The amount of purple nail polish you try yet, they never look the same as the bottle!

    • Amy

      Gemma, ha ha so true about the purple polish!!

  • Essjay23x

    In= MAC Snob (love)
    Out = Vanilla In the Mist Soap from Lush (So disappointing, smells amazing but only before it hits the water)
    And you summed the dry hands thing up perfectly, they really do make ‘ the world feel gross’!

  • Kelly/Planebeauty

    I agree with dry hands, no matter how much hand cream I use they still are dry, damn winter :( I wish I was getting braver with bold lip colours, I would love to go out with bright pink lips, some day!

  • beckydazzler

    Hi! have to say Im loving your blog tons! Great stuff! :)

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