In and Out: March

I love reading these posts so please share your current ins and outs so I can have a nosy!


Cream Blush – Is it just me or powder looking hideous in the harsh Spring light here. Cream blush is my new addiction (video coming). I’m trying to get that light, natural flush lately. I’m sure it’s just one of my fads but for now, I love!

Mascara on my bottom lashes – This might be an everyday occurance for many of you but not for me. My lashes are very curly and almost white (enter love for eye lash tinting products) so when I apply mascara to my lower lashes it can look quite dramatic. As a result I tend to save it for night time make-up. But lately I have been wearing 17 Va Va Voom on my lower lashes during the day and I like it. When I do this during the day I avoid liner and instead opt for a soft smudged shadow.

Pastel nail polish – I think you’ll agree, perty nails make us smile! Although I didn’t like the formulation of Collection 2000 Button Moon I adore the colour. Next on my list is Revlon Mint, I’m smiling at the thought of it!

Walks by the sea – I live by the sea and yet never take advantage of the scenery. Lately I have been enjoying the beauty of the  estuary, just me and the madras!

New Moon on DVD – Rob Pattinson and everlasting love, ‘nough said.


Eyeliner on my water line – Liner is gone for a few reasons 1) I want the big eye effect 2) I’m using mascara on my lower lashes instead and 3) Eyeshadow smudged along my lashline looks much softer.

Dry, cracked lips thanks to the lovely walks by the sea – No amount of Carmex, Cymex etc is reparing my poor lips. They are so sore. Worst of all, lipstick looks crappy on hideous lips, Boo Hoo!

Chin breakouts – Ok so this one is completely my own fault. I have heard it referred to as ‘beauty editors skin’. Being your own guinea pig has it’s drawbacks.

Spring Cleaning – Bored of it already. My pink room is in serious need of organisation. I just don’t have it in me this month.

What are your current ins and outs? Cmon, spill!

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  • Rivka

    Hemp lip balm from The Body Shop is very moisturising and pretty cheap!! Much better than carmex for helping dry lips :) xoxox

  • Sara

    -> +1 for the body shop body butters! I just started using the shea butter one and it is amazing! I have quite sensitive skin which can be dry after showering and this is working a treat!
    -> Maybelline Colossal volume express mascara is the one mascara i keep coming back to its brilliant really makes my lashes longer and fuller.

    -> Too faced cosmetics pulling out of Ireland :( Bye bye shadow insurance primer. Have to start buying it online now boo!
    -> Mac loose powder causing my skin to break out boo!

  • Rhiannon

    Been loving Revlon Mints polish. Another great one is Barry M mint Green-304..I think :/
    Fav product this month HAS to be Barry M green lipstick. I know your thinking I’m mad but it dosn’t come out green at all. It’s a lip stain that measures the algae level of your lips and the higher the level the higher the intensity of the pink that stains your lips. It’s an amazing product that also has aloe vera and dosn’t dry out your lips and last all day. On my 2nd tube already! :) Really lovely with a very neutral eye to add a pop of colour!

  • Amanda

    Oh….I should also note a product that I am LOVING at the moment. It’s from Live Clean (a natural company based in Canada) and its from their baby line and it’s called Non-Petroleum Jelly. It comes in a container the same as Vaseline, but it’s made from natural things. I use it as a VERY moisturizing lip balm before bed and in the morning after i wash my face and brush my teeth! Its nice and shiny too :) (and it just smells like…nothing. haha)

    • Amy

      @Amanda haha how many products are out there that actually smell of nothing? Love natural products:)

  • Sarah

    Try mixing a little olive oil and sugar into a paste and using as a lip exfoliator, much better than the old toothbrush trick :) xx

    • Amy

      @Sarah Thanks for sharing Sarah, will try that tip :) x

  • Kristin

    Nail polish. It’s been forever since I’ve bought nail polish and done them on my own.
    Headbands. With my hair growing out from a so so cut this winter. Headbands have been a hair saver.
    crackily dry heels. I didn’t realize how dry they were til I wore flip flops the other day.
    Short hair. I still love it but I think I am ready to grow it back out.

    • Amy

      @Kristin I’m loving headbands at the moment too :) I noticed dry heels a few weeks ago so I started using my avon pedi peels and my own foot scrub bar. I hate the feel of dry heels

  • kerrie


    -Rimmel volume max volume flash- my fave mascara ever! always come back to this its fab! Ps: i have always used mascara on my bottom lashes, i couldnt imagine otherwise. my old beauty lecturer used to tell me they are lashes as well as ur top ones so always coat them! lol plus it makes me look more awake.

    -17 nail polish in sherbet lemon.. such a pretty pastel ice cream yellow colour, gorgeous colour for spring an summer.

    -laura mercier secret camourflage
    This is must product all the time. With my consistant breakouts an oily skin, i cant leave the house without this.


    -Cream blushers.. I sooo want to be able to wear these but as i’m quite oily it slides off after a hr so there’s no point.

    -Eyeliner.. I too have stopped using it on my water line for a while so my eyes look bigger an more open. i stil use it above the lashes thou.

    -Healthy food..I should be trying to lose a few pounds an tone up for summer but noo the past few wks have been quite unhealthy to say the least lol! dont think this coming wk will be any different, just dont have the motivation at the mo. Hoping after easter i get back on track.. (at least then i can still have my easter egg hehe..)

  • Lydia

    I am also loving cream blushes at the moment, in particular the nyx ones. xx

  • Amanda

    My IN –
    Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin (has a peachy shimmer effect, so spring!)
    Rimmel Max VolumeFlash Mascara in Black (good coverage..not too hard feeling)
    Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer (due to papers for school I look like crap!)
    Covergirl trublend foundation in buff beige (amazing blending power, and I’m pretty much a foundation virgin…)
    Rimmel Stay Matte compact powder foundation
    Revlon satin eyeshadows in Nude Slip and Polished Bronze (soft shimmer)
    Physicians Formula Light Bronzer
    and Skincare is Shiseido Pureness collection
    Oh, and I’m wearing OPI nail polish in Done Out in Deco (pastel purple…so nice!)

  • hannah

    Do you put the lip balm on before bed? i hope so! you should wake up with moisturised lips. and always apply it right after you brush your teeth.

  • Beth

    I’ve only really got one in and one out this month, and they’re related.

    My out is that i’ve got horrible dry skin on my legs. Nowhere else, just from knee to ankle. Its very not attractive.

    My in, which is fixing my out, is The Body Shop Body Butters. I got some of the Sweet Lemon on Friday which is lovely, and went back today for the mango and coconut so I’ve got a bit of variety.

    I’d forgotten how delish they all smell!

  • fallon

    Do you put mascara on all the lashes on the lower lid?
    Have you tried Rimmel Perfect Match foundation yet? Loving It

  • Cassie

    1. Eyeliner – i stopped wearing it for about a year and now i love it again, i have big eyes and it doesn’t make them look any it makes me look more awake on those early school mornings!

    2.Walking twice a day on the beach – really getting sick of my size 10/12 body so that’s what i started as of today :)

    3.Green tea – as part of my effort to get healthier and slimmer I’ve changed from drinking normal tea to green tea. Takes a bit of getting used to though!

    4.Heat protector spray – i didn’t realise how important this was until this month..oops!

    1.Sweets, crisps etc. – I figured there’s no way i’m going to lose weight if i continue pigging out like i do! Bye bye moro bars :(

    Hope you like it ;D x

  • olga

    hey amy,cant wait for your vid or post on cream blushes- especially for super pale ladies :)
    btw- i really enjoy your yt channel and blog, congrats!

  • Kerri

    I agree with the other comment. I love Blistex Relief Cream or Blistex Intensive Moisturiser, I use either of the two every night. Carmex on it’s own does nada for me because it’s petroleum based and acts as a barrier rather than moisturiser. For me it’s Blistex every night and then Lush lip scrub in the morning…my lips used to be awfully peel-y and dry but now with my regime they are feeling soft and healthy.

  • Laura

    Have you tried Blistex Relief Cream? It’s a life saver for my lips!

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