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In Styles 100 Best Beauty Buys of 2010 – Snooze anyone?

I used to eagerly await In Styles Best Beauty Buys edition every year. Last year I was a little disappointed in it. This year? I feel like I’m reading last years, with new art work.

If you haven’t seen it it goes something like this: Sisley, Dermalogica, Lancome, Bobbi Brown.

The best night cream costs £454! Oh hold on and I’ll get out my purse. Are they serious? Give us something to work with.

I’m imagining thousands of women running out to buy Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation (In Styles Best Liquid Foundation) expecting good coverage and being sorely disappointed.

I expected to read a little about why each product was included in their top 100. Instead there is on average two sentences stating a named make-up artist,facialist etc  who uses the product. Not only do they not mention why, they also drop celebrity names with each product.

What a tacky read!

Their Best Buys should be voted by consumers, who actually buy the products.  Now that would be an interesting read!

What did you think of this years Best Buys?

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  • cherry

    I agree that its just a marketing ploy being companies pay big bucks to get mentioned. Any many will get influenced by the results still…

    Awards like this do work on people’s pyschology, even though we are aware of the possibility of it being biased, we still fall for it.

  • Sheena

    I totally agree, I think it may be a marketing ploy actually, like the companies have to pay them big time to be picked as a fave! maybe? I don’t know, don’t really trust those stuff!

  • Lucy

    I definately didn’t agree with the Creme De La Mer bit – I actually didn’t think it was that bad overall though? I did a blog post about it!

  • Beth

    I thought the same. Sad as it sounds I’d always get quite excited when I
    knew this was coming out but the last two years have been awful.

    Such a shame because you used to get some really good tips.

  • Marcia

    These articles are always rubbish. We already know what the best beauty buys are. It’s what we do, lol

  • Louise

    I know look at how much Lancome is in there too – who sponsores the supplement erm Lancome – I used to swear by it too but now its just gone silly

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