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In the middle of some fake tanning…

I have just covered myself in a new tanning product, well new to me, and thought I would share. Tonight’s  weapon of choice is Academie bronz’express.

I got this in a gift bag from TV3 for being a guinea pig on their Celebrity Salon programme (Celia Holman Lee gave me a facial). I was delighted, I have never tried any of Academie’s products before.

I was expecting this to be rubbish to be honest. It looks watery and like it might sting skin. I know, I’m very judgemental. I decided to stop judging and start trying.

I scrubbed the bejaysus out of my skin last night in the bath so I am looking very pasty today. I plan on getting the legs out tomorrow (new skirt that won’t work with tights) so I decided I needed a touch of colour without being tangoed. I passed on my St Moriz / St Tropez addiction and went for the Acadmie product.

I used the tanning mit and covered myself in it from head to toe. It’s watery in consistency, smells divine and was very easy to apply.

Full review will be up  in the morning when I see what I look like after it develops (hopefully not oompa loompa-esque).

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