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Instant Results!
with Murad Eye Cream

Hi guys, I’m back! I have a mountain of products and treatments I want to blog about so be prepared to get sick of me. Hope you all are enjoying Christmas!

I’m at an age where I am a little concerned about eye crinkles. I have spent much of 2104 testing my way through eye creams (over-view to follow). I have found some good ones but generally a lot of duds. I haven’t found my holy grail eye product so I still get a little over-enthusiastic when a brand launches a new product that contains the latest magic powers.

The latest offering is from Murad. The Instant Radiance Eye Cream is said to instantly erase dark circles. I of course needed to try it. Murad is generally a brand I trust. I haven’t tried too many products of theirs but of those I have tried, I liked.

So what does this guy do and did it do the trick?

Its said to brighten and smooth the entire eye area. I would agree, it certainly did. I patted it under my eye, on the lid and up to the brow. It has the effect of a blurring cream. Actually its’s a similar texture too, like dimethicone. But unlike my tube of Garner Blur this cream has anti-aging benefits to boot. This is what you are paying for as far as I’m concerned. It contains a complex that is fifty times more powerful than an ordinary topical Vitamin C, which means maximum brightening and more importantly, maximum collagen production.

So the bottom line is that this cream works instantly. You get a smoother eye area and dark circles appear less noticeable. It also minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooths, hydrates and diffuses light for the blurred affect as I mentioned. I can’t comment on the long-term affects as of it but for a pre-makeup eye product, I am one happy camper!

You can find Murad in salons and spas (Therapie), John Lewis, House of Frasier and Debenhams in the UK. And costs €64.95/£49.50 for 15 ml.

Any fans of Murad products? Any product recommendations?

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