Irish Beauty Blogger is a Giant Star Wars Nerd!

If you follow me on twitter no doubt you heard of my Dark Side (hee hee), I am a huge Star Wars fan. Que laughing and mocking. I used to watch the original trilogy over and over again when I was a child. Ok, ok so I watch them over and over now. So I was delighted to hear about , the Star Wars con in Dublin. I drove out there on Easter Monday to meet my favourites…

I’m all about the Storm Troopers

Me with Jeremy Bulloch who played the infamous Bobba Fet. I was a little star struck. Open your eyes Amy!

I’m not a huge fan of the more recent Episode I & II but I had to get a picture with Darth Maul.

Hee hee…

Me and R2D2, I wanted to call my dog R2, it didn’t go down well haha

Me with Kenny Baker that played R2D2. Again, starstruck! I got to bring him his tea.

Lovely Aliens from the bar on Tatooine and Hans Solo’s cast in carbonite the background.

I was sad that I didn’t get a picture with  Darth Vader and C3Po wasn’t there.But I did get to meet signed photos from Jeremy and Kenny…


PIC_1007Jeremy wrote his famous line on his ‘To Amy, You’re next on my list” hee hee.

I am officially the biggest geek in Ireland!!

Hm…I would love a secret pair of Darth Vader pyjamas haha

What are your nerdy secrets??

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  • Carissa

    My nerdy fact is that I am from Alabama and I watch Dr Who! Also, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is officially the best movies ever made (according to me anyway ;D )

  • Laura J

    Don’t be ashamed Amy even the most girly make up addicts have a inner geek. My geeky secret is that I really like airplanes whenever I go on holiday I am always more interested in the plane instead of were I am going! My dad really likes airplanes so I get it from him. Also I really like to watch top gear which is suppost to be a boys tv show.

    • Amy

      @Laura J You’re so cool! Looooove Top Gear. When I grown up I want to be the Stig haha

  • pat

    haha i bet all the nerdy dudes were thrilled to see a cute female in the room :) hehe

    • Amy

      @pat haha not so much, who is this girly imposter among us?? haha

  • Lex

    Haha, this is awesome :). Don’t be ashamed, Amy!

    • Amy

      @Lex Aw thanks Lex, I knew you’d understand! hee hee

  • Ms.Wedgie

    Looks like you had a fab time!! Were there any Ewoks there?? I love those furry little blighters!!

    My nerdy secret is that I know all the words/lyrics/characters EVERYTHING from Labyrinth – I love love LOVE that film sooooo much!! I dread to thing how many times i’ve actually watched it! lol

    • Amy

      @Ms.Wedgie You’re officially a legend! Labyrinth rocks!!!!!

  • Caitlin

    I’m so jealous!!!!!!

    • Amy

      @Caitlin haha x

  • Morgan

    OK, i am 26, and I have never seen a Star Wars movie… Can we still be friends?

    • Amy

      @Morgan haha Yes we can, I’ll forgive you!

  • EmmaJ

    My nerdy secret is…….. I work with those guys!! I headed home on Sunday night and didnt get to see you on Monday, but I am their Stormtrooper B*tch lol, and the hairdresser for Qui-Gon Gin.

    I’m really glad you had a fantastic time, its seeing posts like this pop up all over the internet in the strangest of places that makes it all worth while, and I believe a lot of money was raised for Barrettstown too! Thank you for coming!

  • Ellie

    Aww how cute are you hehe. Looks like you had fun :) Love the scarf bdw! xox

  • Brandi Stagg

    I love it too! I love most all space programs. You can laugh at me too!

    • Amy

      @Brandi Stagg Yaaaaaay!

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