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Irish Natural Lip Balms: Béalghrá

You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of the Gaeilge and also natural products. I was delighted to hear about these lovely balms.

Béalghrá is the natural lip balm range from Irish company, Mil íocshláinte. They are 100% natural and made in Ireland.

The tins are very cute! Each contains 15g of lip balm. Their tag line ‘from bee to you’ is also pretty adorable.

Nourishing Natural Lip Balm – Organic Shea & Cocoa Butter:

This balm is buttery and smells of cocoa. It’s made from sweet almond oil, cocoa and shea butter. Shea butter provides some UV protection.


Soothing Natural Lip Balm – Lavender & Chamomile:

This is my favourite. It’s very soft and rich. The essential oils smell divine! This one has set up camp in my handbag.


Simply Natural Lip Balm:

This is a no fuss, fragrance free, heavy duty lip balm. It would be perfect for those of you who enjoy jogging and cycling as it’s an excellent barrier.

The balms are made from beeswax, natural vegetable oils, organic unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils and vitamin E.

Mil íocshláinte make all sorts of natural balms; they have products for hands, feet, baby, body. Their products are available in pharmacies across Ireland or check out

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  • amanda cushnahan

    Have just tested oil cleanser and make-up remover, love it it.. face feels really clean and fresh after use, no oily residue just clear bright skin. Easy and no fuss application, make-up comes of on cotton pads leaving face really clean. Would highly recommend this product. Have also used All Natural Face Serum after make-up removal at night. Just apply to clean skin, it feels so luxurious and you just know your face is getting beautifully moisturized and nourished, again another great product.

  • Sarah

    where can you get these amy? x

    • Amy

      In chemists around the country x

    • Sinéad

      It is great to get such a great review, we are really glad you like our Lip Balms. All the shops that currently stock our products or listed on our website, if that helps anyone.

      Míle buíochas

      Sinéad at Mil Íocshláinte

  • Gráinne

    Love the lavender and chamomile lipbalm. It’s quite addictive!

    I also recommend the Speirbhean body balm. It left my legs really smooth and lasted forever.

    Can’t wait to see what new products come out!

    • Amy

      Oooh the speirbhean body balm sounds lovely! I can’t wait to try more too

  • riina

    these look adorable! would purchase, but i’m far from ireland. how do you pronounce Mil íocshláinte and Béalghrá?

    • Amy

      Em let me try spell it phonetically –
      Mil (honey in Irish) is pronounced ‘Mill’
      iocshlainte – ee-ok-hlawn-te
      bealghra (love lips) – bale-graw


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