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Isa Dora Grafitti Nails

If your a fan of nail art than Grafitti Nails by Isa Dora might be of interest to you. This one will probably appeal more to my younger readers.

You need two shades – a base and and Graffiti top coat. You can use these in any combination you choose. I was sent Plain White (650) as a base and Spraycan Blue (805) as the graffiti layer.

I decided to test the process and show you how it works.


Isa Dora Wonder Nail Plain White (650)

Isa Dora Spraycan Blue (805)

Step 1 – Apply the base coat, in this case white. Wait a minute or two to dry.

Step 2 – Apply a layer of Graffiti Nail Top over the base, in this case blue.



Wait 30 seconds and the graffiti texture and effect forms..


My thumb and index finger look a little different to the other nails – I didn’t wait long enough for the base to dry.

I thought this would be finicky to use, it wasn’t at all. It’s very easy and it dries fast. The white shade was a little streaky but it didn’t make any difference to the graffiti effect.

Of course I’m a tad old in the tooth for nails like this but I think it would look cooler on shorter nails – more punk!


What are your thoughts on nail art?

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