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Isa Dora Grafitti Nails

If your a fan of nail art than Grafitti Nails by Isa Dora might be of interest to you. This one will probably appeal more to my younger readers.

You need two shades – a base and and Graffiti top coat. You can use these in any combination you choose. I was sent Plain White (650) as a base and Spraycan Blue (805) as the graffiti layer.

I decided to test the process and show you how it works.


Isa Dora Wonder Nail Plain White (650)

Isa Dora Spraycan Blue (805)

Step 1 – Apply the base coat, in this case white. Wait a minute or two to dry.

Step 2 – Apply a layer of Graffiti Nail Top over the base, in this case blue.



Wait 30 seconds and the graffiti texture and effect forms..


My thumb and index finger look a little different to the other nails – I didn’t wait long enough for the base to dry.

I thought this would be finicky to use, it wasn’t at all. It’s very easy and it dries fast. The white shade was a little streaky but it didn’t make any difference to the graffiti effect.

Of course I’m a tad old in the tooth for nails like this but I think it would look cooler on shorter nails – more punk!


What are your thoughts on nail art?

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  • LFitz712

    I have the Barry M and am quite liking it. I think a darker base colour can look quite nice and not as in your face as neon colours!! Do you have to buy the base coat for this or will any nail varnish do??

  • Martha

    I like this, weird but fun!

  • eva

    i wish somebody would do a comparison and find out which one is better, barry m or isadora graffiti polish. the isadora polish is quite expensive, i wonder, is it really worth getting?

  • Alicia

    It seems like every company is putting these types of polishes out these days.
    I remember crackle polish being really in about 15years ago (which makes me sound old)

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    They look cute up close but definitely for tweens, don’t think I could get away with these at work or anything, haha.

  • david


  • Sarah Connor

    Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I don’t like them :[
    I like pretty/girly nails.
    I can see this working for more of an Indie/Punk kinda girl, but I’ll stick with my pinks & purples!

  • D

    Aaagh I already have the Barry M version but I’ve been DYING to get my hands on more colours! My local pharmacy has just stopped stocking IsaDora…where did you find these?? :)

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