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Issues with Blue Nails!

I once hated blue nail polish with a passion. Blue is one of my favourite colours and yet I couldn’t bring myself to wear it on my nails. For some reason it felt unnatural, like a blue Smartie! It also reminded me of being fourteen and those memories really don’t need to be conjured – Think mini disco’s wearing a skin tight dress inspired by Posh spice – only to realise many years on that I looked rather skankish rather than classy. Let’s not even think about the fake tan!).

I’ve had a change of heart and now can’t get enough. I picked this Collection 2000 one for €3.50 in Boots. It’s in the shade Blue Hawaii. I thought it looked a little garish to be honest but was attracted to its brightness. After application I decided I quite like it.

(Ignore the state of my cuticles! Manicure desperately needed this evening)…


I like Collection 2000 polishes in general. They’re cheap, come in a great shade range and add new shades regularly. That being said, I find the finish a little hit and miss. It depends on the shade but most of the polishes I have bought are well loved (on my third bottle of Button Moon). They’re quite easy to apply although I would prefer if the brush was tappered or a little smaller. Lasting power on this shade was ok, nothing to write home about though. It started to wear after 3 days on my nails and chipped on the fourth. I should point out however that I was lazy and skipped the top coat.

Anyone else like blue nails at the moment? Any recommendations?

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  • Caoimhe

    This looks really similar to Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection for OPI which I think I must make mine!! I’ve never been one for blue polish either but I’m going mad for it now, hormones I say! For you, it’s the babys hormones :) many congrats

  • robyn

    Hey Amy! Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you had a great day, you deserve it :)

    I have to admit that I’m typically quite boring on my nails. I used to be much more daring but I’m not sure if it is the university job that has stolen my “flare” when it comes to nail polish. I typically get french mani done or a light pink. BUT, this past weekend I had a mani done and i used merino cool by essie. Its a little “not Spring-time” color but what the h*ll…i’m fearless that way. :) I’m eyeing some other pinks, reds and such….we’ll see. Ya got to live a little, right?

    PS. my BFF just had her first babe. Her name is Isley and she is the cutest thing of life. I’m, as Aunt Beanie, so in love with her. I can see that she is going to be able to do whatever she wants when she comes to my house.


  • Avril

    Try any of the Inglot blue nail varnishes! They have lots of colours and shades! I love a really dark navy blue they do.

  • esther

    I actually don’t like that brand for nail varnish, even though i am one for the cheap brands. I always find it watery and need a few coats :/

    I love blue nail colours too, but sometimes you have to be careful because blue stains your nails easily even with top coats (well the ones i have do anyway)

    great blog xx

  • Ellie

    This looks great on you, you definitely have the skintone to pull it off, which is half the problem for me. One of my favourite nail polishes is Turquoise by Barry M, in fact I think it’s my most-purchased :)

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