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It’s been a busy Saturday

I have had such a busy day today. I thought I’d share :)

I took 3 make-up bookings today. The first one was for a wedding in Kildare. I love bridal work, it’s like a dream job helping a woman look her best on her special day. The second one was for a make-up party, a few ladies looking for a Christmas party look, fun, fun, fun! The third one was for a lady who wants a make-up lesson. I love doing make-up lessons, I’m not entirely sure why but I love working one to one with people, getting to know them a little and creating their perfect make-up look. Chatting and make-up, what more could Amy want?! :)

I also had a mental amount of cleaning to do (boring!!)

I also continued my preparations for the make-over day. I visited a cool studio this afternoon. They film some of Off the Rails and Expose there. How cool! It was a great space, with lots of natural light and a great make-up area. I can’t wait to get some girls in there and get started on some make-overs. I forgot to mention, I’ll be choosing the five girls this week.

Click here if you live in in Dublin and could like to enter.




After a busy day (well bust for the weekend) I’m off for some well deserved R&R :)

Have you any nice plans for the weekend?

Amy x

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  • S xx

    Ooh that studio looks so cool!
    hope you have a brilliant day Amy with all the girlies who get chosen.
    hmm not up to much this weekend just trying to sort out my bedroom (it’s a bit of a tip at the mo)
    have a busy busy week coming tho so i think ill enjoy a nice long soak in the tub this evening with a good mag :) bliss! haha

  • bonnie

    My boyfriend is having friends to watch the football game tomorrow (american/canadian football rather than football/soccer…..make any sense haha?) so I will be in my cozy bedroom catching up on youtube videos and some of my favorite tv shows. My favorite kind of Sunday!!

    Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing day too!

  • Beth

    How exciting! Its fab that you’re getting lots of bookings.

    I didn’t do much today, I’d had a really hard week this week with thing or another and so today I just chilled.

    Tomorrow I’m going christmas shopping with my best mate, but I have a funny feeling I’ll be buying more for me than for anyone else!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  • Music

    Sounds interesting! :)

    Lunching at a Turkish restaurant tomorrow, followed by sorting out my earthly possessions, I might be moving to another country (again) soon… After 14 countries sometimes I think it’s time to settle down somewhere. My weekend sounds really lame compare to yours….

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