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Just a Dab! Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush


I’m all about liquid and gel blushes these days. In Spring and Summer I tend to avoid powder products and I stick to fresh looking, sheer colour. For the past month I have been relying on Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush. I thought it was high time for a full review and some swatches with pictures of how it looks on the skin. I’m nothing if not thorough :)


How I apply the product

Tiny dabs with my ring finger is my favourite way to apply this blush. I have tried all sorts of brushes but the product is too pigmented for me this way and I end up looking like a clown.


I generally dab a tiny amount of product from the top of the tube and then blend it out with my ring finer. The end results look something like this…


Armani’s makeup artist recommendation for application is to “squeeze a small amount on the back of your hand and apply with fingertips to the apple of your cheeks.  Buff to perfection with the Blush Brush.  Blend to desired result using your middle and pointer fingers”.

Here is a little swatch on my the back of my arm – just to give you an idea what the products look like without my mug in the way!


My thoughts

When I first saw the colour of this in the tube I was a little scared. But it’s much sheerer and is actually easy to apply after a little trial and error. The first few times I applied too much product – not a good look. My recommendation would be to start with the teeniest amount imaginable and then add more if necessary. The blush spreads and dries so working fast is key – like when using lip or cheek stains. After a few dud jobs I figured it out and have liked it every since. It takes about 10 seconds to apply which works with me. If you do happen to apply too much just go over the outskirts of where the product has been applied with whats left on your foundation brush. It gives that ‘lit from within’ look that everyone is always talking about.

The colour is long lasting on my skin. I do use a primer and a sheer foundation underneath so that probably helps. I once forgot that I applied some Make Up For Ever HD powder on my face and them dabbed this blush on – don’t do that, it does not look good :) The shade perks up my complexion but I think I’ll try the Apricot shade next – it might not need quite so much care. If you have had your eye on this blush I would recommend asking the artist at the Armani desk what shade they recommend for you and then have them apply it before you buy. When it comes to expensive makeup it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The finish is a matte sheen. There is no shimmer to speak of. Works for me.


I have tried quite a few cheek stains, gel blushes and the likes and this one is definitely the best quality – although the shade is not my favourite. There are plenty of similar blushes on the market these days but there are no cheaper products that I can compare this with. The colour is also quite unique to my collection.
The bottom line

All in all a great product for a healthy, natural flush sans cakiness. The silicone makes it glide on the skin and stops it seeping into fine lines of pores. It’s also buildable which means whatever your skintone you can probably make it work. Would I repurchase? Yes but not this shade – something a little warmer might be on the cards. Price wise, at €35/£29 this blush doesn’t come cheap. Then again, it is Armani we’re talking about.

Any Armani makeup fans? Have you tried this blush?

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