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Kat Von D Holiday 2010

If you have been reading my blog or watching my You Tube videos for a long time you may have heard me chatting about Kat Von D’s make-up range. I picked up 2 of the eyeshadow palettes whilst in Chicago last December. Well I loved the palettes. I even recorded a video tutorial or two using the palette as inspiration.

I was happy to hear that Kat has launched another Christmas/Holiday Collection for 2010. Here is a little look…

Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette Volume 1


Kat Von D Adora Collection 1

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick Set

Personally I love the look of the lipstick set. The eyeshadows are not unlike shadows in my collection so it would be silly to buy these…in theory :) I like the quality of the eye palettes I have tried so far, although one is slightly better quality than the other. I had really low expectation since it’s a celebrity line but I was delighted to be so wrong.

Unfortunately the Kat Von D line is only available in Sephora. I might be heading across the Atlantic closer to Christmas, if I do I’ll be stopping to have a look.

Have you tried any of the Kat Von D line?

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  • Keigh

    I wish they had sephora in my country too!

  • Murf

    Th lipstick collection looks so gorgeous!! Wish they had sephora in the UK :(

  • Tracey

    Or Sephora France…if you can manage to get here Strike Free

  • Martha

    The lipsticks look gorgeous! Are you def gona get them? Dying to see swatches :-)

    • Amy

      I think I will Martha :)

  • Ailbhe

    I’m going to NYC in a few weeks so I will definitely be checking kat’s products out. Thanks for sharing with us :) x x xx

    • Amy

      Oooh I’m so jealous Ailbhe!!!

  • Aleya

    Love the look of everything!!!!

    • Amy

      My thoughts exactly :)

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