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Kerastase Designer Range – The Exception

Kerastase Designer The ExceptionIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of luxury hair brand Kerastase. My experience with their products has been limited to shampoo and conditioners mostly. I was delighted to try their new designer range. I have been testing three of their styling products, and rather enjoying the experience. Is there really something exceptional about the products?

Kerastase Lacque CoutureLaque Couture – A micro mist mixing lacquer. It provides long-lasting medium hold whilst ensuring you stay frizz-free for 24 hours. It feels velvety in the hair and there is no residue. This is the most natural feeling hair spray I have tried so far. It is medium hold though so it may not be enough for every style. I find it works perfectly for every-day use. I used it yesterday after I curled my hair. It held well, there was no stickiness, my hair didn’t frizz in the sea-air, it smelled amazing and best of all I didn’t look like I had a barnet loaded of hairspray. I can only compare it to the hairprays I have tried – Elenet, Garnier, Redken, Treseme, Umberto Gianini and Lee Stafford. This one is the best for my needs by a long shot. That being said if you are wearing an updo you will require strong hold. It costs €23 but for the hair-spray free, every-day hair look I think it’s worth it.

Kerastase forme finaleForme Fatale (€25) – a voluptuous blow-dry gel. It provides volume and texture for fine hair. I was expecting a tacky feeling in my hair since every other blow-dry gel I have used leaves me with varying amouts of stickiness. This one did not. I couldn’t feel a thing. I applied the product to damp hair and then blow-dried with a round brush, making sure to lift at the roots. It did make my hair look fuller and the the rest of my hair had more texture too. It didn’t make my hair greasy or dry either. I was impressed with the results.

Kerastase touche finale Touche Finale (€23) Supershine Polishing Serum. This one does exactly what it says on the tin. It controls frizz and leaves your hair polished, soft and shiny. It doesn’t weigh down the hair at all which is quite surprising since most finishing serums make my fine hair flat and sometimes greasy. It has a pump-action bottle so is easy to measure. I apply it after blow-drying but you can also  use it on towel dried hair before you dry.

I would really like to try Spray à Porter (€27) which is a sea-water texturiser with one important difference. Your hair is supposed to stay soft and flexible. Now I don’t know about you but if you have tried any sea-water texturisers you will know that they usually leave you hair dry and crispy. I’m keen to try Kerastase’s version so see if it makes a difference.

What’s your favourite styling products at the moment?

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