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Kill a spot with apple!

I woke yesterday morning to the awful sensation of a spot brewing. Now, not one of those little spots, I shan’t moan about those. This felt more like Vesuvius.  One of those blind spot lumps that hurt like a mother when you move your facial muscles. If I wasn’t on holiday I would have gone straight to the acne product drawer in my pink room – You know you have issues with spots when you have a shelf dedicated to products claiming to clear them!

Instead I thralled the internet looking for a natural solution. One of the simplest ones I came across was using an apple. Having one of those sitting in my fruit bowl I decided I had nothing left to loose.

All I did was pore boiling water over a slice of apple and wait 3-5 minutes for it to soften. I then popped it over the spot whilst still warm and left it there for 20 minutes. Afterward I patted the area with a warm cotton ball. I repeated this is the afternoon and at night. This morning the spot was gone. Result!

Apparent apple is highly antiseptic. it kills bacteria and protects from infection. They also contain AHA’s which is a natural exfoliant. I’ll definitely be using this again.

From what I’ve read you need to get those big sore spots just as they’re coming up. This mightn’t have worked had I waited a few days.

Have you any natural remedies?

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