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Kiss Draw-on French Tip Pen – Great in theory

The idea of a drawing on a French tip with a marker is very enticing. I am useless with my left hand so when attempting a French polish I end up with one perfect hand and one that looks like it was applied by a 5 year old!

When this pen arrived I settled down for some nail pampering. It took me about 10 minutes (no exaggeration) to figure out how to get the colour to come out. The instructions told me “press tip of pen against protected surface”-  I wasn’t sure if that was press down or just lean on. If you’ve tried this product then I’m sure you’ll understand my dilemma. It turned out that it was ‘lean on’ rather than ‘press down’ so the instructions are confusing.

When the colour finally came through it applied like a dream to my first nail. Realising that I applied the pen without the expected French polish  base-coat, I scooped up a clear base and hastily applied. The pen was not happy!

It got stuck, dragged, blobbed and smeared. Not a good look and a far cry from the nail elegance I was looking forward to. In the end I got frustrated and went to town with the nail polish remover. This could have been because of the base coat or maybe I did something wrong but surely a white tip pen should make life easier.

Although this pen wasn’t for me I do recommend their false nails. I photographed a step by step tutorial on perfect application which I will post tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on French tip pens? Have you tried on that works?

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