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Kohl Eye Trend – Who’s on Board?

I have a love hate relationship with Kohl. When applied well it can look sexy but when applied with a heavy hand and left unblended it can look very harsh. (thinking of a group of your girls I saw on their way home from school the other day!)

In Summer I avoided Kohl like the plague. I wanted fresh open eyes for the season. But I am happy that the trend has returned for Autumn / Winter. I’m in!

If you look at this shot taken at the Gucci show you will notice the lack of ‘smokey eye’. Yes! Thank Jesus! If I hear the term ‘smokey eye’ one more time I’m going to loose the plot all together.

Basically the artist applied kohl around the entire eye without breaking the line. A word of caution – if you have small eyes, even slightly smaller than average eyes, this look will make them look like raisins. So experiment with a kohl pencil to find a look that suits your eye shape. I would never just copy a trend look without questioning whether or not it suited my features.

What works for me is kohl on the water line, top and bottom, but without connecting them. No rat like eyes for me thank you very much. I am not blessed with the large eyes like this model. But what works for my eyes and features may not work for you. The only way to figure that out is to experiment.

For the Gucci show the entire face is neutral and soft. There is very little eyeshadow to speak of here. After looking at a few of the backstage photos I could see a little bit of pewter shadow added close to the lashline on the inner corner of the eye. Sometimes simple is best.

I shall be rocking the kohl look sans the damned smokey eye this evening, who’s with me?

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  • nevertoomanyshoes

    I agree that unless you have Bambi eyes you look like you left your contacts in for too long ha ha! I’ve found that a smudge of liner on the bottom lash line and lining the upper lid waterline gives you the cats eye look without the small, pokey eyes problem. I use Bourjois liner and it’s never budged.

  • Bianca

    I’d love to see your version of this look. I didn’t really understand your description of how you do it. Is your camera working again?

  • Moira

    Been rockin this look for years!!! Amy, what are your thoughts on Stila Kohl?? I love it..never smears on me and stays put for dark and dramatic..BTW..I love your blog!!!!

  • Caoimhe

    Did this look today, and I’m lovin’ your suggestion! Plus it’s so easy, I think I’ll be rockin this for a while. Thanks for the inspiration Amy!xx

  • Lauren

    I like your blog but i would prefer you to use your own images rather than promo images or random pictures from google. I think it makes blogs more personal.

    • Amy

      Completely agree Lauren. I always try to use my own images – haven’t in the last week as my camera wasn’t working. With trend posts I like to take the image from the catwalk that inspired me, in this case Gucci. My last post Luminess Air was all of my own images. I try as much as possible to use my own with the exception of the disastrous week without my camera :) Thanks a mil, Amy

      • Lauren

        totally understand! i love your blog so was just making a suggestion! xx

  • Caitlind

    I really enjoy this trend. I’ve been fond of my eyeliner since the early days of my high school years. Lol. I find I can be heavy handed with it though — I’m slowly getting better at not applying too much. I just got so use to wearing LOADS of liner! If I lived in Dublin back then, I would have been one of those girls you saw walking home from school.

    As much as I love the ”smoked out effect,” I much prefer the natural looks as well as plain old liner.

    • Amy

      Couldn’t agree with you more :)

  • Jean

    Between mascara and eyeliner I ALWAYS have panda eyes ALWAYS :( any decent tips or recomendations?

    • Amy

      Oh no! I use Urban decay 24/7 liner, with shadow pressed over it to set it. People who suffer with panda eyes often have oily eyelids which makes the product run or smudge during the day. Maybe try an eye shadow primer or powder your lids in the morning and reapply during the day x

      • Jean

        Now that you say it my eyelids are quite oily! YUCK thanks for the tip amy :D

  • Tricia

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned losing the plot! EVERY SINGLE person that sits in my make-up chair asks for the smoky eye. Last New Year’s Eve I almost told them to just sit down, and shut up, I already knew what they wanted!

    Did you hear about the new M.A.C./ Disney villainness line that is coming out? Sign me up for Maleficent….but I want to see you in the Cruella deVil colors.

    I love your blog….it satisfies my Irish and make-up cravings simultaneously!

    • Amy

      Ha ha Tricia, comes with the job :)
      I am quite excited about the villainness collection too, have been making a list of the products I want to have a look at. I’m praying the collection is a disappointment or it will cost me a fortune! :)

  • Tara

    Love your site Amy. keep checking it in work though, your gona get me in trouble :) It’ll be worth it tho lol x

    • Amy

      Tut Tut! ha ha I approve :)

  • Elaina J

    LOL – smokey eye. Feel the exact same. Maybe we could rename it or something! :) x

    • Amy

      Haha great idea! I already avoid the term when speaking with clients, referring to a ‘smoked out effect’ :) x

  • Emma

    Loving this trend. Thanks God, one I can manage myself :) x

    • Amy

      Yep, couldn’t be easier x

  • Amina (innerbelle)

    with u on dis one gurl! ps av u tried urban decays zero its a beauty with minimal smudging though u can smudge it out nicely with e/s’s

    • Amy

      Great minds think alike, again! Love 24/7, probably my favourite liner. I love the pigmentation and the fact that you can layer it on to look really dramatic!

  • PP

    Love Kole on the waterline top and bottom, but dont think i have found one that lasts all night yet. Touch ups are needed.

    • Amy

      I would have to agree with you there. I thought MAc engraved would stay put but UD 24/7 stays much longer and it’s not even water proof. Whoever invents one that doesn’t budge will be very rich :)

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