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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Stick SPF 50+

I have been buying La Roche Posay facial sun creams for years. They absorb quickly and offer a complete block so they’re perfect for my skin. A few months ago I picked up La Roche-Posay Anthelios Stick SPF 50+ recently and thought I’d share.


The stick is perfect for skiing. Anyone who has experienced the red strips down your nose and across you cheekbones from skiing will be thankful for this one. It’s small enough that you could pop it in the pocket of you ski jacket for top-up applications on the piste.

I haven’t been skiing in a few years so I used this on a sun holiday. The stick is perfect for applying to particular areas and that’s what appealed to me most about this one. I am covered in moles (boo hoo) so factor 50+ is the order of the day. I apply in on sun holidays directly to moles.I have also stuck it in my pocket to apply down my nose and under my eyes whilst out on day trips or walking.

It dries fast, smells nice and the tube is longer lasting than it appears. To give you an idea of how it settles into the skin, here are some pictures. The first was taken immediately after application, the second one minute afterwards.


The stick costs €10.50 and is available from pharmacies around Ireland. I am also keen to try the Anthelios Fluid Extreme SPF 50+ (€21.50) so if anyone has tried it please let me know how you got on.

Do you use spf in the Winter?

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  • Oshinsr

    I’ve heard a lot about La Roche-Posay products lately. So happy to see your review on this one. How does it work under make-up?

  • Xana Lopes


    I use the Anthelios Fluid Extreme SPF 50+ with color. It’s light and very fluid in my very oily skin. In the summer it’s all I use instead of moisturizer and foundation, it’s enough but you have to set it with powder definitely!! It leaves a sort of shiny film in your face but I don’t mind it. It’s a high SPF that isn’t heavy, or block my pores. Great product.

    Hugs and kisses from Portugal!

  • Saoirse

    Oooh might be tempted to buy this :D

    I use the Anthelios Fluid Extreme SPF 50+ and I find it’s a lot more watery than other sun creams and it dries a lot faster too which means less hair gets stuck to my face during the day.

    What I like about it is that I can wear it instead of makeup and I feel it gets rid of a lot of redness. I have pale skin so it help even out the tone and hide my blemishes. Obviously it only tones them down so they’re less noticeable.

    Because it’s more watery and less heavy I think I’m less prone to getting spots when using it (I have very acne prone skin) as I have done with most other Sun Creams.

    The only downside is that I am still unsure as to whether it works well under makeup.
    Sometimes I’m happy, others I’m not. Hmm..
    The bottle doesn’t last long either!

    I’d definitely buy it again though as I do think my skin feels better when I’ve worn it over a long period of time. Hope that helps.

  • KittyBonkers

    Oh wow, that sounds like a really good stick to carry around, I wonder if they sell it over here in England? I have lots of moles too and sensitive facial skin when it comes to burning. I would probably use it on my ears too, since they always burn! And my parting as that always burns when I don’t wear a hat!

    Kitty x

  • Doris

    This stick has been one of my favorites for years! I also use it to cover my moles, and for the bridge of my nose (and my ears) when I go cycling. I usually buy it once a year, so it’s really good value. La Roche has the best suncare products. :) I use spf all year – my dermatologist has dramatic skin cancer info all over her office – it works.. ;-)

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