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Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturiser: Is it Worth it?

I have mentioned Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream (what a mouthful) a few times on videos and M&B posts. I have re-purchased this cream 3 times. Instead of telling you that this works for me I thought I would investigate a little further.

Lancome claims that this moisturiser hydrates the skin and helps it maintain optimum moisture balance. It was designed (or marketed rather) to help skin exposed to environmental conditions that have a negative effect on the skin.

The reason I have re-purchased this product repeatedly is due to the fact that it doesn’t make my skin break out. That aside, I’m not sure that it has any other positive effects on my skin. I decided to check out the ingredients to see if there is any benefit to it at all.

According to the experts (impartial experts) this cream is very basic and ordinary. It doesn’t contain anti-oxidants which help prevent free radical damage. It doesn’t contain and SPF, this means I need to apply to creams every morning. It’s relatively unhygienic since it comes in a tub, exposing the product to bacteria on your fingers. It also exposed the product to oxygen and light which can effect the performance of certain ingredients. It’s also expensive.

A few positives are  that it is light weight and non-comodogenic which means it doesn’t block pores and this particular product is not tested on animals.

Since mentioning this product to a dermatologist and getting the inside scoop, I won’t be repurchasing. It doesn’t do what it claims. It’s a basic moisturiser and sure I can find one of those in the chemist for under €10! I’ll be looking for a product that contains SPF and antioxidants next time.

What is your favourite moisturiser?

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  • Claire

    Hey Amy,

    I did a review of this cream on my blog and it’s funny you say it’s non-comedogenic because it broke me out like crazy!! Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance? I found it waayyy too perfumed also. I agree that many of the ingredients are very ordinary and the lack of SPF is a real disadvantage. Wouldn’t mind trying the fluid for oily skin but I wouldn’t chance the cream again unless my skin was in really good shape! Anyway, I passed it on to my Mum and she loves it so it wasn’t a total waste of money.
    BTW, love your blog & videos x

    • Jenn


      The real good stuff out of the Hydra Zen Line is the Hydra Zen Creme Fluid.
      It’s lighter than the cream and therefor better for sensitive skin (since sensitive skin has trouble absorbing “heavy stuff”/regular creams) and for mixed/oily skin (since both have -at least partly- enough sebum = “skin oil” and really don’t need more of that).
      You can also use it under the make-up and don’t need to wait “for hours” until the skin has absorbed it.

      In other words:
      -can be absorbed easily by your skin
      -doesn’t cause breakouts
      -is an alround product (winter and summer)
      -fits all skin types
      -probably the best product on the market for sensitive skin (keeps blemishes in chess)

      I am a vegetarian myself and as much as I love this product I really want to know it the Fluid is tested on animals or not.
      Amy’s article really lets me hope for the best. (Maybe if the Cream wasn’t tested chances are neither was the Fluid, but you never know unless you ask.)
      Since you can’t find this product in the US (really don’t know why – it’s so much better than the cream), I decided to contact the German Lancome site. (The entire question was whether the Fluid is tested on animals or contains any animal ingredients by the way.)
      Any feedback – maybe from sb working directly for Lancome (I do not mean freelancers or sales assistants)- is very welcome.

      Let’s all hope for the best.

  • Imogen

    I used to use this and found the texture beautiful but couldn’t justify the price of repurchase. I’m glad I didn’t now as I have heard Lancome test the ingredients on animals.
    I love Benefits Dear John for when my skins really dry but the clinique dramatically different for every day. I think it’s gorgeous :)

  • Feebee22

    Estee Lauder DayWear plus comes in Dry or Normal/Combination has an SPF15 and contains anti-oxidants. Its also smells lovely and cucumberly!

  • Scarie

    I go between this and other cheaper creams. It is the only one that doesnt break me out. Dermalogica’s skin smoothing cream was too heavy for me. Oil of Olay with the green lid broke me out really badly recently and was WAY too perfumed. Constantly on the hunt for newer cheaper creams

    • Amy

      @Scarie They’re hard to find. I have heard great things about Olay creams for combination skin

  • Bianca

    I have tried the hydra Zen once because I received a sample. It was nice and light but my skin was indifferent to it.
    I have a general skin care question: I find the nicest day moisturisers I find have no spf. I am very conscious though of using an spf during day time. What spf product could I use for layering on top of a nice moisturiser that provides sun protection? I was thinking to use the primer like lisalisa01, but most primers have made me break out, so I am very hesitant to trying this out.

    • Amy

      @Bianca Indifferent is the perfect word actually haha I love the clinique sun block range, I use SPF50 in summer and 30 rest of the year. I apply it after my moisturiser sinks in. I also like Neutrogena sheer dry touch spf 30

  • Bridget

    Amy, I think you need to try some products by Paula’s Choice. I am not a big fan of her makeup, but her skin care really is worth a try. I have used her face washes, moisturizers, and sunscreens, and was very impressed by them, and I am VERY picky about my skin care. Check them out. You can purchase samples.

  • Linda

    Hi Amy. I watch your youtube vids! I use simple products. I use the kind to skin refreshing face wash and the toner but not the moisteriser. This is the only thing that works for me and has stopped my breakouts! Its fantastic! I don’t use the moisteriser as its cream based and anything cream based just blocks my pores terribly. I use the Boots Botanics oil free moisturiser for sensitive skin and that too has done wonders for my skin and my breakouts. I find the more I try and use things that prevent breakouts the worse they get so have quite litterally take the simple route and it has worked wonders for me!

  • Miralda Maasikas

    I like hydrazen, but I basically only use it to balance my skin ,ie, if I feel some itching or have spot coming on I quickly switch to this and once everything is back to normal I start using the more antiaging stuff. I guess the reason why it works is that it doesn’t have anything very much in it.

  • Laura J

    I had a sample of this from when I had a make over at the lancome counter (I like lancome make up by the way). I didn’t really like this moisturiser either.

    If you want to learn more about skincare watch Dr shultz’z youtube videos they are amazing, he is a dermotologist. Just type
    dermTVdotcom into the youtube user bar to find his page.

  • lorraine

    i use nivea visage light day cream. i probably should be using something with an spf, but its hard to find something that doesn’t irritate my skin. i also use it as a night cream too :-)

    • Amy

      @lorraine it’s so hard to find a decent spf that doesn’t cause havok!

  • emma p

    my great gran used nivea but only when she was going out and someone recommended astral which i use lots but im looking for something lighter for spring/summer but that will also keep my dry/combination skin happy. any suggestions? :)

    • Amy

      @emma p Dr Hauschka rose day cream (the lighter version) and Nivea natural beauty radiance boosting moisturiser are fantastic for dry skin but a bit lighter for SS :)

  • Sarah

    I also used this stuff for years (the dry skin formula) but I switched to Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance and never looked back. It comes in a hygienic tube, contains antioxidants, and moisturises much better.

    • Amy

      @Sarah Much better idea!

  • filipa

    olay!!! most of the products non comedogenic. i researched a lot and made sure of this( someone at the uk website mustve felt overwhelmed by the amount of typing needed and omitted most info on products).
    I used a day moisturizer from the COMPLETE range and was in a fluid form for normal/oily skin and was brilliant but then i dared to buy a richer cream from the ANTI_WRINKLE range for day as my skin is dry/combo tipe and this was also non comedogenic and super.
    Both products state(in the package) they have spf 15. the anti-wrinkle says *antioxidants* somewhere…theyre brilliant.
    Ive read you should save on day cream but splurge on night creams.well, im a student so i decided to purchase an night olay cream from the ANTI-WRINKLE line and is super and no breaking me out!

    the beautybrains blog reminds that olay products are so worldly available that they are subjected to many many tests and theyre a very good brand, up to par with the expensive ones. I really recommend this blog. make-up&beauty and beauty brains are my go to blogs.
    thank you for yours,

    • Amy

      @filipa Thank you so much Filipa, that is so kind. I’m going to get my hands on some olay!

  • innerbelle

    great post! i have used so many moisturisers, and i find that i keep changing, but thats because my skin keeps changing and the needs keep changing, i really loved the evian matifiante creme but that was wen i needed a lighter moisturiser before the cold weather hit us, then for a while a no7 one, which worked ok after i pumped out loadsa the products. i really liked the nude age defenc moisturiser but that was really expensive! even with a discount…um at the moment im using the simple moisture replish moisturiser, and you know what, its working well for me, no irritation, no spots, but i feel use abit much of the product as its more of a lotion texture rather than cream.

    • Amy

      @innerbelle Never considered Simple, maybe I should give it a whirl! A lotion would work much better for me than a cream I think

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