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Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturiser: Is it Worth it?

I have mentioned Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream (what a mouthful) a few times on videos and M&B posts. I have re-purchased this cream 3 times. Instead of telling you that this works for me I thought I would investigate a little further.

Lancome claims that this moisturiser hydrates the skin and helps it maintain optimum moisture balance. It was designed (or marketed rather) to help skin exposed to environmental conditions that have a negative effect on the skin.

The reason I have re-purchased this product repeatedly is due to the fact that it doesn’t make my skin break out. That aside, I’m not sure that it has any other positive effects on my skin. I decided to check out the ingredients to see if there is any benefit to it at all.

According to the experts (impartial experts) this cream is very basic and ordinary. It doesn’t contain anti-oxidants which help prevent free radical damage. It doesn’t contain and SPF, this means I need to apply to creams every morning. It’s relatively unhygienic since it comes in a tub, exposing the product to bacteria on your fingers. It also exposed the product to oxygen and light which can effect the performance of certain ingredients. It’s also expensive.

A few positives are  that it is light weight and non-comodogenic which means it doesn’t block pores and this particular product is not tested on animals.

Since mentioning this product to a dermatologist and getting the inside scoop, I won’t be repurchasing. It doesn’t do what it claims. It’s a basic moisturiser and sure I can find one of those in the chemist for under €10! I’ll be looking for a product that contains SPF and antioxidants next time.

What is your favourite moisturiser?

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