Last Nights TV Appearance – RTE Off the Rails

I made a little tv appearance last night on RTE’s Off the Rails. Each week Brendan and Sonia give a lucky lady a make-over, this week was Anke’s turn. I was invited along to do Anke’s make-up for her big reveal and give her some make-up tips.

You can watch the episode here

You can watch using RTE’e media player, I’m not sure if this works outside of Ireland.

I had great fun working with Anke – she is such a lady!  She also has beautiful skin and fantastic bone structure so make-up was not a challenge.

As always it was a pleasure to work with Brendan. He is such a professional – I wish he would dress me!

Thank you for all your messages whilst the show was airing!

It was lovely to be invited back onto Off The Rails.

For information on the make-up used on Anke, her hair or clothes click here to visit RTE Off the Rails online


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  • Anke

    Just looking at my make over on Off the Rails properly! Sooooo loved the look you created for me: natural, fresh, dewy. I knew instantly Brendan picked the perfect make up artist for me when I met you: your own look was so natural, yet sophisticated! Got my make up done professionally twice since, but must say, I loved your’s best, because it was so enhancing yet most comfortable to wear. Thanks a million! Best wishes, AnkeX

  • Katie2010

    yay! I just watched it there, I missed it the other night as I was working. You go girly! I shouted out loud ( to myself, hahaa) “Amyyy!!!”

  • Reme

    You were great Amy – well done! I noticed that you used the Urban Decay Naked palette on Anka; perhaps you could do a video or post about the palette, (suggesting shade combinations etc)? Just a thought… cheers!

  • Sarah

    Was watching it last night!! you were amazing :) well done x

  • Amy

    Ooooo go you!!!! Excellent stuff, i was recorded for a documentary on Dublin fashion week doing Hira Shah’s makeup, it’s so nerve wracking!!! Good Job!! :D

    • Amy

      Haha Thanks! I’m lucky I’m used to being on camera haha

  • Tracey

    i cant watch it in France, even if i change my settings to Ireland it doesnt work (rte are very clever). i can watch other programs on rte just not off the rails ;( boo hoo would have loved to have seen you on it

    • Amy

      Ah no! That’s so mean of them to keep it for ireland only :)

      • Tracey

        Oh I managed to see it tonight, which is great as Im sure it wont be on RTE player tonight….for some reason it worked perfect for me tonight on the laptop. It was so great to see you on the telly ;)

  • Dee Dee

    well done

  • harumichan

    i can’t see it…(T_T)

  • RoseanneB13

    you looked gorgeous!!!
    what foundation were you wearing? If you don’t mind me asking, your skin looked flawless :) xx

    • Amy

      Thanks Roseanne, it’s Nars sheerglow – it’s my favourite! x

  • Alanna

    So proud of you! Her make-up was gorgeous. What make-up are you wearing you look amazing

    • Amy

      Thanks Alanna – Nars sheerglow and ud palette :)

  • Caroline

    You looked absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    • Amy

      Cheers Caroline :)

  • Heather

    I watched it on the player amy – brilliiant!!

    • Amy

      Thanks Heather! :)

  • lauren

    omg amy i rember watching it an seeing you, i was like OMG its amy ! :L xx

    • Amy

      Haha Like you don’t see enough of me already!

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