Laugh at me…My mug on TV3 Celebrity Salon

Well if you are at home and you fancy a laugh at me expense check out Celebrity Salon on TV3 at 9pm. I have just clicked on TV3’s website to see what time the show was on and low and behold there was my mug covered in orange goo! Cringe.

Anyway I had so much fun that afternoon, all of the salon celebrities were lovely.  It was great to meet some other Irish bloggers too (they were the first Irish bloggers I have met in person).

I was invited along to be a guinea pig and have a facial done by Celia, who was an absolute lady! After the turbulent facial I was asked to share my thoughts…without make-up on! I was in the middle of a huge breakout.  Oh sweet Jesus yet another moment to cringe.

Don’t laugh too hard tee hee

Le grá,


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  • Elle

    Hi amy.

    You looked fab can you tell me what eyeshadow blusher and lip you were wearing on the show?


  • Lyndsey

    Congrats, that is way cool. What was it like being filmed? I would have been so nervous.

  • aphrodite

    Just saw this – good for you!

  • Skönhetsjunkie

    Aaah, I wanna see it too, but it says it can only be shown within Ireland :(

  • Katie2010

    Hey Amy, watched the repeat on the last night! you looked great, and seemed like great craic alright, brilliant! !!

  • Aoife

    Ahh God, had a heart attack when she said “Poor girl, im so sorry” while you were fishing for bits of mask from your bra! So funny! you did brilliant i must say =]

  • elaine

    haha it was very funny! you looked great though!

  • Eileen

    Hi Amy, I was watching it and hadnt read your blog first and when they said some irish beauty bloggers were going to be on I said surely Amy is one of them! And there you were! Your becoming extremely Famous Miss Dillon! You came across lovely! Brian and Pippa are hilarious!

  • Su

    Just watched it u were fab it was so funny I love these kinda programs xxxx u were great

  • Anna Saccone

    Amy! I watched it! I thought you looked great!! How did you keep a straight face though, LOL?! I would have been cracking up the whole time! That poor girl beside you could hardly breathe! And you looked so cute, in your interview I didn’t even notice you’d no make-up on! Gorgeous :)

    • Amy

      @Anna Saccone You’re being too nice, as usual haha but thank you. Tried the keep the giggles in, even when a huge blob fell into my cleavage hee hee x

  • heather

    just saw u :L !!

  • Cassie

    Just saw you Amy, you have to laugh about it :’) Not the best facial you’ve ever got eh? ;) hahah! x

    • Amy

      @Cassie Not so much, face mask fell into my cleavage haha

  • rhianna

    just after seeing it :P so i said i would comment :) looked really lumpy hahah :)

    • Amy

      @rhianna very haha

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