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Lavender & Lilac Lipstick?

I have never understood the interest in lavender lipstick. I have to admit that this is probably because I think it would look silly  me on despite the fact that it looks gorgeous on some.

I have to say that in the last few weeks I have found myself wondering about lavender lips. I have heard many guru’s rave about MAC’s Lavender Whip and Barry M’s similar shade. They look pretty in the tube but I never gave them a second thought. I am now intrigued.

I would be interested to hear what you all think about the lavender/lilac shades.

Have you any in your make-up bag?

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  • Dalbert

    Excellent weblog. I obtained a lot of excellent data. I?ve been retaining an eye on this engineering for awhile. It?s intriguing the way it keeps shifting, yet some of the core components stay the identical.

  • Catriona

    Love lavender lips:-) However they can make the whitest of teeth look slightly yellow if you over do it :-O

  • Larissa

    One of my all time favorite lipsticks is MAC’s Snob. I think it’s good for those of you who like lavender but can’t go all the way (like myself). It’s a very pale pink with just a hint of lavender. I really love it, especially with a little bronzer and black eyeliner.

  • nicole

    i have similar feelings towards lavender lips as you. i have been very curious about MACs pervette but am a little afraid of what it will look like on me

  • Essjay23x

    I got Amethyst (Gosh) earlier this week. The actual lipstick looks gorgeous and the colour is calling out to me. It is not that bright but I don’t know, there is something a bit daring about it and I get cold feet when I go to put it on. Maybe tomorrow, got a feeling it could be a weekend colour. To me, it kind of seems 80s and aren’t the 80’s eternally cool?!

  • Lillian

    Well to me the appeal is that it’s a very unusual, unconventional shade, but infinately more wearable than, say, yellow or blue. So you can be a bit daring wearing an odd shade but it’s still quite flattering and on the ‘safe’ end of ‘odd’ :P

  • Charlotte

    I bought the BarryM one afew months ago and suprised myself that it actually looked nice and I felt comfortable.
    After afew weeks it ended up back in the draw and I forgot about it, but more recently I’ve been wanting something abit different from the ordinary nude lip and have been using it more :).

  • Danielle Moore

    They make my lips look way too yellow… but in theory I like the idea.

  • Flic

    Just can’t bring myself to my gran more than life itself but it is kinda her signature colour so I have a barrier ! lol


    hii! well i have the barry.m shade i suggest you get it its a gorgeous colour that is very light lavender. i think if you like nudes you will really like it and its supeeer creamyy! love your posts bdw! XxX

  • FleurDeForce

    P.s: (and gloss obviously)!

  • FleurDeForce

    Lavender lips are my absolute favourite! They would definitely suit you as you look as similar colour to me? Barry M 129, MAC Fashion Mews, Pervette & Funtabulous! They are all my most used lipsticks!

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