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Lights, Camera, Glitter…. Swatches & Experimentation!

I promised swatches of the glitter polishes I bought the other day. Here is number one – NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Lights Camera Glitter 102 (9.7ml). So pretty….

Looks gorgeous in the bottle but on bare nails, it’s a little disappointing…

In natural light and three coats later…

Quite a few of you suggested creating an accent nail using the glitter to reduce the tack factor. I did just that…

I applied China Glaze Calypso Blue (which I love) first and then NYC glitter polish on my ring finger. Then I went to town and applied glitter all over – just for experimentation you see :)

Any less tacky? Probably not but I quite like it. Reminds me of the universe :)

All in all, Lights Camera Glitter is a bit of fun. Like all glitters, it lasts ages on the nails. Even when you don’t want it to. And like all glitters, it’s a mare to get off. Although admittedly less work than finely milled glitter polishes. It’s also a bargain at €1.99.

Favourite glitter polish??

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  • Summer

    This is very pretty, I love these glitter polishes, so effective! x

  • GretalRabbit

    Darn it, I’ve been trying to resist buying this little beauty (I have way too many polishes already) but now I’m not sure I can, it’s too pretty! :)

    • Amy

      Ah it’s so cheap :) No need for guilt ha ha

  • Summer

    Wow, those nails look fab! x

    • Amy

      Thanks Summer :)

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