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Little Haul – Hair Tools

I picked up a few hair related items this morning in Boots. I binned eight hair brushes yesterday. They were a disgrace –  the bristles barely brushed my hair. I don’t know what I was keeping them for!

I actually went into Boots to look for a Tangle Teezer and got a little distracted, as always. I bought two brushes and a hair wand…

I choose a mini Tangle Teezer, popped it into my basket and instead of heading for the till I decided to have a nosy at the other hair brush offerings. After much deliberation and testing I selected a Botanics Cushion Brush. According to the box it conditions hair and prevents breakage. I’m on board with that.

I had to pass through the electrical isle to get to the till. Low and behold I was drawn in my a new wand. New? Surely I need that. Probably not.

The wand in question is Babyliss Waving Wand. Now I have the conical wand, which I love, but the idea of having one designed for loose waves instead of curls drew me in.

It’s a weird shape, obviously to encourage waving rather than curling…

Dear Santa, I would like the same hair as the model on the Waving Wand box.I have been a very good girl this year (shopping aside).

Here’s a close look at the Botanic brush. I tried it this afternoon. So far, I like.


A note on the Tangle Teezer – don’t buy it in Boots! It costs €14.99, even for this mini version. I saw it this evening in my local chemist (McArdles) for €9.99 so shop around.

Here’s the scale of the mini version. I wanted one that I could throw in my handbag…

I look forward to recording a waving wand tutorial and review.

What hairbrushes do you use?

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